I made this cactus coasters set with leather for my aunt's birthday. Do you think the flower pot is a bit too wide at the base to be somewhat realistic?

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  1. You look amazing and your hair color is everything!!! 😍

  2. This is the correct answer. I had a long wooden pipe my girlfriend bought and we clogged it the same day because we were naive. Now it's just a pretty decoration.

  3. What would the maintenance be? I’ve never used a wooden pipe but they look so cool!

  4. Robert California for sure! He was batshit crazy and I would’ve loved to see him interact with Michael!

  5. This is awesome!!! I love it, I wish I was talented and crafty enough to make cool things like this.

  6. Please dump him and upgrade to someone better who will truly love and respect you.

  7. Ask how much it’s contributing towards rent since it’s barging in

  8. The way your artwork mimics water is everything!!! I love the details too! Super super cool, and definitely terrifying to imagine this actually happening.

  9. I was so horrified for a sec because I thought you were referring to eunuchs I was like wait we still do that?!?!

  10. Meredith. I couldn’t stand Cristina’s behavior or attitude.

  11. Not a doctor but I have many tattoos and I can tell you that looks like something you should see a doctor about asap. Personally if I were put in your situation and started seeing problems with a new tattoo I would’ve ran to a doctor at the first sign of something off.

  12. And now we’ve evolved to where my mom tells me to go hit my bong or smoke a j if she sees I’m stressed about something.

  13. Yes to everyone except Reed and Sloan. I couldn’t stand Reed, and I loved Slexie and Sloan totally came and ruined them. But that’s just my opinion. >.< It broke my heart watching Percy die, that was one of the scenes that broke me.

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