Now 150-a-dollar: ruble exchange rate drops 20% in a day

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  1. Like some people, I hate them, they smell like tissues

  2. It just can’t stop saying Hermoine, what a kek

  3. Tell Firelord Putin - Avatar has returned

  4. Rule 5: Low authority due to enabling all the useful decrees in every state at the moment of four -25% multipliers on decree cost. The screenshot is taken at the last game day.

  5. Stupid question... Do Russians actually that much more alcohol compared to other countries? If so, how do the women feel about their men always being drunk?

  6. Of course not. The bad quality of life of many russian regions and access to bad cheap alcohol produces so many videos of drunk russians. Besides that, our behavior on vacations in a some warm countries added something to the russians image of constantly drunk ones. Women mostly prefer non-alcoholic men (what a surprise), those who married to always drunks often file for divorce (percentage of divorces is 70%)

  7. He forgot where he put it and cant see it anywhere

  8. I don't see anything funny in this situation

  9. What’s the difference between a ruble and a dollar?

  10. Joke is funny, the situation is terrifying.

  11. Cynomys, perhaps. I dunno, looks like Cynomys to me

  12. I don't know about the translation, but if she actually said "that smoking kills" and then said "vodka, which also does," wouldn't that imply kills, not smoking kills... Funny, but wrong.

  13. Here you go, friend. She said: “People write on cigarettes ’smoke kills’ all the time. Why on vodka which is also harmful doesn’t write this?”

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