1. 5-1 is my comfort zone. Pls dont take it away from me.

  2. 1480 DI Shadowhunter. Everything is so expensive I gave up and switched main. Currently I am making a PS Shadowhunter.

  3. One advice is keep your legendary accessories for rings. Rings dont give too much stat and difference is not too big between relics. Unless its 100 quality.

  4. I have a 3x3+1x1 stiker and I am not even trying argos with him because his build sucks. I rather take a bus or not play. I don't want to get carried for free.

  5. Idk dude, my supps don't have any gems, people still take me 🤣

  6. And they dont accept my 1492 paladin to Calilililli guardian because relic set is not fully Level 2 yet.

  7. most people don't even read party titles. you see it all the time of people joining busses without know they are busses, etc.

  8. Last week I joines a prog g3-g4 lobby. We wiped twice then support started bitching and asked if it was a prog lobby.

  9. Maybe they joined and only need to do one? This is not a diss, but did your group suck? Did it take a long time to kill?

  10. If they needed 1 run only why put 2x on lobby title? And yes it did took 8 min because both dps died. I had cruel fighter.

  11. We did a learn lobby this weekend because friend's mate is also new. But you are forgetting 1 thing. They can buy busses to get title and I see many people with Succubus title couldn't even do black/blue orbs.

  12. I have a 1475 SH I'm swapping out for a Summoner but it was so painful to get rid of her, she has higher qualities than any other DPS character in my roster. I wish she was more fun man

  13. I swapped my main SH to Destroyer when she was 1480. I still enjoy playing with her but it was damn expensive to go 5x3. (I finished Destroyer about 70k-90k pheons included)

  14. Destroyer is disgustingly cheap for how effective he is. You can often get perfect accessories for your build for like 1-2k each (or less). He is crazy good in chaos and can easily MVP in raids if you can land your stuff, on top of having high af stagger. Honestly feels like cheating building and playing one.

  15. Exactly why I decided to switch mains. And I am super happy about it. But I also got a very lucky drop swift rage hammer 3 + barricade 5 earring. Then I decided to make a barrage artilerist but damn thing expensive af. Legendary accessories with class eng and grudge or keen rings was starting from 7k-10k about 3 weeks ago.

  16. Even more so without a relic set and with half your skill points missing.

  17. Shadowhunter here. 1482,5, +21 Weapon but 4x3 so I rarely get accepted into Vykas. I ask my guildmates to bring their mains and we make our own lobby.

  18. DI - Adrenaline - Keen Blunt - Cursed Doll. At the time I was gearing Grudge + DI acc. was exteremly expensive so I went with Cursed doll.

  19. For every Sharpshooter you see in a raid there are 10 who get denied in PF because folks think they don't do any damage, so they try not to draw attention to themselves.

  20. I got a Valtan bus last week and busser was a sharpshooter. Smoothest bus I have ever seen.

  21. Yeah you can. I play 3-4 hours maximum everyday. Your progress will slow tho. Also sometime raids can take longer than 1-2 hours depending on the team.

  22. Oh this happened to me last week. I applied and accepted with my 1482 SH which still has 4x3 (DI is expensive af) waited about 10-15 min. Lobby fill up and I get kicked last second.

  23. Exactly same for front attackers as well. Thank god destroyer have taunt every 30s.

  24. I wish they added them to weekly challenge dungeons. I would love the chaos there.

  25. Before the last patch I had almost no dc. Maybe once in a day. Yesterday dc'ed twice. Our Vykas G1 took more than 30 min because people kept dc'ed.

  26. a lot of the people complaining should just be making their own parties so they can accept other casuals but they don't want the responsibility of being the raid leader / using sidereals / could also be hypocrites and don't want a party full of other casuals as well, so they come to forums and complain instead

  27. This right here. I have 4x3 shadowhunter. When I made her 1430 I wanted to do vykas but nobody was accepting was accepting because no title. (still don't get accepted most of the time because she is still 4x3) so I just did my own lobby and doing it since then. Nowadays I am being picky. Espicially in valtan since there are a lot of under 100 level rosters.

  28. Saves you a lot of gold on only needing a 4/3 grudge + class necklace

  29. It sure did save me a lot of gold. Still cant do 5x3 without reading books but at least 4x3 + 1x1 is good enough for me as well.

  30. Not regret because I love playing DI SH but damage is not what I hoped for. I debating with my self if I should stop with her and push either my Paladin (1460) or my Destroyer (1445) to be my main.

  31. Nice. I am planning to switch to Rage hammer with relic access. This will help me a lot.

  32. My Paladin has crit instead of endurance. Helps me doing damage a little bit.

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