Moments before Nepal flight crash Jan 2023 caught during a Live Stream.

I needed this today

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

A sense of impending doom

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  1. There’s no way this guys English is that good

  2. Yeah just know the basics like how many of each colour, shape etc

  3. Interesting I’ve never seen a stated interval there that’s pretty cool (although I don’t use that calculator much)… but it’s also where the mistake is.

  4. No problem and thank you! What a stupid mistake

  5. No, easy done. I’ve never been a big fan of drawing out the inverse or the reciprocal trig’ functions.

  6. Thats why this calculator a godsend honestly

  7. Probably low volume/liquidity. It'll go through eventually.

  8. And maybe at a higher price so be careful

  9. How do you see the graph after market hours?

  10. That’s the daily chart you can see aftermarket chart with Webull or marketwatch that’s what I use

  11. It's an engine depth issue. At the depth that the engine ran the analysis at, it probably found a different move that it knows for sure is winning, and didn't do enough analysis on f7 to know that it is also winning.

  12. Why does it have different depths why not just the highest all the time?

  13. What is the reason HBLZ doesn't show up on T212?

  14. Mild mild mild for me - anything with lots of cream and coconut thank you

  15. 2 4 directing effects also place groups on carbon "6", because 6 is just 2 but going anticlockwise.

  16. How would you know when a substituent occupies only 2 or 4, or all 3 spots?

  17. Ah but you're getting a good grade so you could be doing less, no?

  18. Perhaps, but that would have meant not attending classes haha.

  19. Most favourite - chemistry. It was hard at first but at some point things just kinda clicked as I did more questions and revision of mechanisms and reactions etc

  20. Well in this case, his words still hold true

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