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  1. Is it just testing flight right now? Are they planning to make it do actual test runs in specific areas

  2. As someone who lives in the north....we really wouldn't complain if Canada wants to come invade and Annex us.

  3. This is a stupid take and all the people jerking themselves off on how the blue control the cities and the ports are misguided.

  4. But the point is they are the financial centers and most important areas in any country. Every war in the past 5000 years has shown cities is what you take first and then land. You bring up the prospect of sabotage and that is true since there is no boundaries. But you don’t think there are plenty of liberals living in red areas as well? The majority of Americans live in suburbs and cities, there are not enough rural people to storm cities.

  5. These are great points, but what makes you think it’s the right that are the I insurrectionist? Because Jan 6?

  6. Because that’s what the map is basing it off of and conservatives call for civil war anytime a minor convenience happens. The actual left(socialists) in America are tiny and divided. Also I literally don’t remember any far left terrorism in the past 5 years, if there was it was minor.

  7. This type of elitist comment is why those people hate city folk and will actively vote against their policies just because. You’re never gonna win them with shit like this, dude.

  8. No josh, for the third time today, just because your dna test said you are 0.2% spaniard doesn't mean you're Mexican. And no, just because you went to cancun for your vacations doesn't mean you're mexican.

  9. AI is going to want to destroy the world after watching a shitty tutorial video with an 11 year old for the 500,000 time

  10. Build parks to separate districts and space them out using bigger dividing roads

  11. Fun fact! Just ten years after this genocide, the Jimmy Carter regime assisted the Indonesian government in brutalizing East Timor (one of the biggest victims of this genocide), sending them millions of dollars in aid and granting them valuable intelligence. Over 200,000 people would be killed in the occupation and subsequent genocide.

  12. From the skin tone and his features, if I were to make a guess, I would say somewhere in South East Asia, possibly the Indian subcontinent?

  13. Weirdos come up to me all the time. I don’t record it and upload to tiktok for the world to make fun of them, though.

  14. https://amp.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/feb/23/revealed-migrant-worker-deaths-qatar-fifa-world-cup-2022

  15. You kinda forgot that 2.6 million people live in Qatar, 2.3m of them are foreign workers. 6500 deaths out of 2.3 millions! Why is that bad? Especially since this will also include the numbers of deaths during the 1st 2 waves of covid. Again, why is this bad?

  16. Any city that is not near water a river or a coast is not worth visiting. Maybe besides Vegas

  17. Non-american, sorry, British, but been to Boston, NYC, D.C. Philadelphia, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.

  18. Your second point is quite literally the most insane thing I’ve ever heard on this sub

  19. Posts and comments like these are why I'm so happy fans don't write the stories, jesus..

  20. I’m fine with it being 2 games but this one really had a bit of filler and could’ve made ragnorak a larger part of the game

  21. Yeah, the whole "malls are dying!" thing may have some basis in reality, but the severity is massively overstated.

  22. Really just not a good movie. The best moments was the Queen and the chadwick tribute scenes. Otherwise, the writing, dialogue. CGI, characters, pacing was so bad it’s unbelievable. The plot made no sense and felt so contrived for no reason, I hate this new trope of smart dumb characters. Zero stakes, like i just don’t understand are we supposed to think wakanda is the powerful one in this movie? Because they make the sea people a massive threat initially but then they just suck ass by the end.

  23. One of the weakest films of the MCU. Decent acting performances, but I could not get myself to care about any of the characters. Really forgettable villain, and the blue underwater people were honestly ridiculous. (Haven't read the comics, maybe I should have expected that shit).

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