1. as far as i can figure out the chain is only the right length (not to tight or loose) when there is an outerplate on one end.There is only one position for the rear wheel. thoughts anyone?

  2. You just can’t run singlespeed that way when there’s only one one position for the rear wheel. If your bike doesn’t have an eccentric bottom bracket then you’ll need a chain tensioner. Trying to get the perfect chain length just doesn’t work, even if you get it perfect today it’ll end up too loose again in a few months after the chain stretches.

  3. Ice skating rinks are opening up around the city.

  4. Avocado is quite high in fat, and fat does not traditionally ferment well. It’s also low in acid, and acids are one of the primary factors keeping fermented foods safe. Op is also admitting to not measuring their salt, which is the other primary factor in a safe ferment. They’re adding root vegetables which are common sources of botulism to an already sketchy ferment. This whole thing is a terrible idea, and not something I’d recommend trying.

  5. Please don’t recommend this “recipe” to others, and don’t feed this to other people. I get that it’s a fun experiment, and nothing bad has happened yet, but your method is terrible. Fermenting anything without measuring the salt is high risk, and here you’re playing with a high fat, low acid food in a pseudo vacuum sealed jar. You have all the ingredients for some real dangerous things to grow, botulism being the number one concern.

  6. This can’t be written by a human…

  7. That doesn't add up for me. ⅜"+⅜"+¾"=1½". My zippers are only 1¼" wide. If I use ⅜" seam allowance the panel will be very close to the teeth. Where the panel is sewn onto the zipper tape changes the amount of panel that is used up by 2x the amount the zipper tape adds because each side of the panel is doubled up, so changing the zipper seam allowance will dramatically change the width of the finished panel.

  8. So then use a slightly smaller seam allowance to make up the difference. You’ve already figured out the math to find the fault, do the same math backwards to figure out the spacing that works with your zippers. As long as you’re leaving the same amount of zipper showing that you’ve eaten up in two seam allowances it should keep the panel the same size.

  9. Got it, thanks for your help! I figured there would be an easier way than that. With a 1¼" width zipper tape it ends up being 5/16" seam allowance which is not a very convenient number, but definitely doable. Will keep this in mind.

  10. I’ll be that guy, 5/16 is 8mm. Metric makes everything easy when you need to divide things up, it really makes all the fractions look silly once you start using it.

  11. Most older buildings have radiators, even if they look like baseboard heaters. This entire system of boilers and radiators is controlled by the building and included as “heat”. You’ll get a hydro bill each month, but the building heat system won’t be on it.

  12. It’s bullshit, but it’s normal.

  13. Not the OP. Please don’t roast me like you all are roasting them.

  14. I love how well a full mesh tent breathes. For me, a humid tent is far worse than a drafty one, I’d much rather bundle up and have a fresh breeze than have condensation building up in the tent.

  15. Ironically North Face makes some of the best value tents in the business, their Stormbreak series is as cheap as Amazon knockoffs and light enough to backpack with.

  16. I just did one the other day! Bone in, about 7.5 lbs. I cooked it in the oven at 250 in a Dutch oven with sealed lid, no extra liquid (cooked in its own juices). It took about 4 hrs for me (starting from cold oven) and final consistency was soft enough to easily pierce with a fork but just able to hold itself together. I could peel the fibers apart with my fingers but it wouldn't turn to mush on its own, if that makes sense. Hope that helps!

  17. Looks like a stand for when one wheel is off the bike.

  18. If the hub isn’t branded you’ll need to get the info from Orbea. If it’s that new they should warranty it anyways.

  19. Dude nah you could probably put a 190mm fork on and it’ll be fine, the change in angle has almost no effect on the frame stresses unless you’re 50-50 casing a gap landing and there’s pressure coming from behind the front axle. Also most modern bikes don’t have a limit on how they can be ridden, otherwise how would pro DH racers be able to ride XC or trail bikes?

  20. What? Putting a longer fork on means a much longer lever arm adding stresses to your headtube. This means an exponential increase in stress to the headtube, and you certainly can crack a frame by overforking it.

  21. A ghost slamr Al is the front triangle, pretty much nothing else is the same the rear triangle and trunion have already been modified to have higher travel

  22. It doesn’t matter, they’ll all look the same after a few months of use.

  23. Garlic confit does not smell like smoke and burnt coffee, I don’t know what you made but it wasn’t garlic confit.

  24. Idk man, I geuss it is worth mentioning I really don't like strong coffees and espresso so maybe that changes things

  25. There really shouldn’t be any coffee flavours coming from oil and garlic, you burnt something.

  26. Just enough to completely cover the potatoes.

  27. Glad someone found it useful. Food science is worth studying if you love to cook. The article mentions other added health benefits but doesn’t mention what it is. The lowering of calories seems to be mentioned as it seems to be what many people are interested of. But it makes the starch a good starch, which is resistant starch. Like fiber, you can’t digest that either.

  28. After reading around a little it seems like this one study may not have proven to be true. It’s cool if it is true, but it doesn’t seem to have passed peer review or replication so it’s likely bullshit.

  29. Yeah I was lazy with the title, my bad dude. The article mentions additional health benefits but don’t say what they are. Seems they are experiment the same approach with bread. Changing the starch to a resistant one like fiber seems useful to me though. I think they mentioned the calorie reduction as that is what most people are interested in.

  30. It’s a scientific study. Making general “other healthily things” claims is not science, and discredits the author.

  31. There will be no difference in performance when using it as a soup pot, in fact a $20 pot will do exactly the same thing.

  32. They're also great for handling hot things like fresh bbq if you wear a knit cotton glove under the nitrile.

  33. Yes! Even without an extra layer underneath they’ll take the sting off of scalding water and hot food.

  34. Right. Even in commercial food prep. Gloves aren't a substitute for washing hands. They're used to protect hands and limit cross contamination. You still have to wash hands before you put them. When you take them off. And any time you change them.

  35. One other note is that heavy gauge nitrile gloves are just more commonly offered in black. You can get lightweight, delicate gloves in clear and white, but the heavier ones that will actually stand up to abuse and washing are most commonly black. Sure, it looks good on camera too but in my experience the actual best gloves to work in are black.

  36. The hard truth is that if you don’t want to play this game now, you’ll end up doing it repeatedly in the future. It’s a good thing that they’re treating the whole building, if they do everyone else’s unit ans not your it’s almost guaranteed that the roaches will end up finding you.

  37. Fast rolling 29x2.6’s are where it’s at. You get plenty of grip and squish, but they won’t drag you down when pedaling all day. I love Bontrager SE2’s for this, but Ikons, XR2’s, and WtB Rangers are all great tires.

  38. I did purchase a 29er wheelset and the plan was some Teravail Ehlines in 29x2.5. I'll check out those other tires too tho! I think you can run a 29x2.6 in the KM if it's singlespeed but with gears you have to run a 29x2.5. I want to be able to run it both ways so I was just gonna stick with a 2.5

  39. There’s very little difference between 2.5 and 2.6, but most brands’ 2.5’s are pretty aggressive tires. A fast rolling, high volume 2.5 like those ehlines will be pretty sweet.

  40. Gotta second every comment regarding titanium’s weaknesses in terms of cooking surface. I’ve never seen a thick piece of ti cookwear because there’s no reason to make that, but two issues play out which are that ti cookwear tends to be thin because it can be due to it’s strength and that ti conducts heat in such a way that the cookwear itself holds almost none except in the exact spots where the heat is applied - meaning - at the flame and only there.

  41. Lol, this is madness. Just get a hard anodised aluminum pot! The reason ti and steel lead to burned fuel is not because they're thin, but because they're poor thermal conductors. Aluminum is one of the best thermal conductors.

  42. 100%. Aluminum is one of the best heat conductors out there, cast iron is one of the worst. When you need something to heat evenly, a thick piece of aluminum is the way to go.

  43. This is a bit nonsense, cast iron is just as bad as titanium for hot spots. Cast iron does not heat evenly at all, it’s a terrible heat conductor. It’ll work nice on an open fire where there’s even heat, but over a small stove you’ll just scortch the centre of the pan.

  44. Of course, but OP really has no way of knowing if this is happening.

  45. I'm fairly certain that if the employee of the company is receiving kickback money from the company's purchases without it knowing it is a financial crime? Like that's fraud/skimming isn't it?

  46. If the employer isn’t aware of it, then yes. If the employer has approved this it’s just a commission.

  47. 13l bags are way too big for a fork cage setup. I run 5l bags on mine, and they’re borderline too big as it is. It’s a great way to keep weight low and balanced on your bike, but you need to keep your volume expectations realistic.

  48. First off, the contractor was actually in the right not to try repairing the cables. Those cables belong to (presumably) Bell, call Bell and they’ll fix them properly.

  49. How do you figure? How would someone break free a drive ring negligently?

  50. He said it’s a new build. Since it’s new it’s not had years of forces wedging it in place. They don’t install these rings with a 2 ft pipe wrench since they self tighten with use.

  51. It’s not unreasonable to expect the parts of your brand new $400 hub to be tightened properly at the factory.

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