1. A guy who talks like this can be the main problem in a rel... experience bruh

  2. Personally? A tragedy. But I know it can be quite fulfilling.

  3. If u miss her then the mistake is on your part....

  4. Did you create a new account just to tell me I fucked up my relatives?

  5. I have a theory it is and that it's just not unlocked for most people

  6. You should avoid doing anything for peer validation, learn for the right reasons like just knowing it can come in handy, can be more convenient than a car in quick scenarios and short distances but yeah fuck these gender "less of a man" shit, do your thing.

  7. It's not lack meat that scares me it's fake 3d printed meatless chciken, steak bullshit if you don't want just don't eat it.

  8. People turn vegan mostly for ethical reasons, meat doesn't stop being tasty so people find ethical substitutes

  9. Most animals that attack and harm a human are confiscated and eventually put down. I'm not sure how much more accountability you want in a creature that lacks the cognitive function to be actually held accountable the way humans are.

  10. Nobody hurt me , and yes , I can't be complicit to the murder and suffering of animals , so I am a vegan. All the other animals on this planet would be better off if we didnt exist as a species so , yeah , keep telling yourself that we do "good deeds" 😂

  11. The frogs would say they would be better off if snakes didn't exist. I agree we can and should be better but ultimately I care more about our survival than their survival and so does most people, that's what's always driven us because some of us try to create lives we enjoy than be stuck in a place we don't like and whine and complain and contempt everything around us.

  12. I don't have one so it's now low. Like, i don't think we can be worth anything. I just don't subscribe to the notion of self esteem, if that makes sense

  13. I don't feel this yet because I'm still in college but this is about what I anticipate, I don't know how yet but the plan's always been to get rich enough to shut myself in bedroom and watch stuff or do whatever the fuck I please with no strings

  14. I don't think it's being ignored because extroverts had to deal with same and they are unfazed. I think its how much more we value our words, I doubt the people who can't fucking be bothered to be invested like a decent person just treat convos to be as meaningful/non casual as we do

  15. I’m my case, I get ignored a lot especially in group conversations for some reason. I start talking and pointing out about something and it seemed like no one has heard me. Later, one person from the group said the same thing and other people listen to them and I think “That’s what I said before” but I don’t say it because then it might be rude. There are other circumstances that leads me to being ignored, it always happens to me

  16. I wouldn't take it personally, I understand what you feel, I just don't engage in such settings now because I'm not compelled by casual exchanges and group conversations are always driven that way.

  17. INFP come in one or two flavours, Optimism and Pessimism XD Seriously though, this Is 100% exactly how I feel! I have always tried my best to see the brighter side of life, to the point that it becomes almost hysterical 😅

  18. Yes, letting optimism drive you will only make you delusional. I used to be like this, my advices were naive. I didn't always see good, I was blind to the bad. I wasn't realistic. Optimism should be an attitude, not a way to view things.

  19. Not always, we have a way to demolish the mortal terminology from us when humanity truly creates something special. It is impossible to not see the hard work of builders as anything less than a majesty. The superficial layering that binds are planet together can keep us sane whilst we dive into the deep thought of the universe.

  20. So you are proposing making a ketchup so delicious that even the shyest of us can't help but ask for a packet

  21. i cant even ask for ketchup and you expect me to commit a crime??

  22. You can acknowledge what your feel is your shortcomings without hating your present state by accepting it is a product of whatever molded it. I think this distinction in identifying your faults will gain you clarity on what you seek or what you should rather seek.

  23. Used to be me but idk if I'm lazy and have accepted it cuz I prefer my carefree cursive now

  24. Not a science question. Try a legal or philosophy sub.

  25. Oh it's definitely not a legal question and I was indeed considering my usual philosophy sub first first but then I thought maybe it's more of a biology instinct free will thing, so posted it here but yeah you are right, I should have gone with philosophy, thank you.

  26. True justice wouldn't be eye for an eye, it would be rehabilitation for the ill and accommodation for the different. Else we are not moral, just selfish hypocrites

  27. They are not mutually exclusive and also Good is relative. Is she a very good contributer to society? Yes, society loves empaths. Is she annoyingly unreasonable with her emotionally driven inconsistent morals? Yes.

  28. There's this Russian children's book, i don't remember much of it but I do recall how good it made me feel, like at peace, it was beautiful

  29. House rationalizes difficult emotions, why would you call wilson rationalizing

  30. I wouldn't even think even if you are tongue fucking a girl in front of me because girls are REALLY comfortable with eachother

  31. Why would you assume a woman is “kidding” when she tells you to lay off? Goes to show how serious women and their boundaries are taken, eh? I don’t have advice for you, because this is entirely on you. Maybe grab some social awareness and learn when to quit touching someone in their personal space. I know she more than likely was feeling pressured into physical intimacy (source I’m a woman who’s been there lol) and those thoughts can spiral depending on the relationship dynamic. Do better.

  32. Why does girls wear pants above waist, why not at waist, isn't that more comfortable?

  33. You feel you are different, you know you are different and you feel benefited by it, you don't have a big social circle, you find it exhausting

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