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  1. I recommend Swamp Elixir from Death and Floral, the notes are: soft honeysuckle and mossy oak trees, blended with water lilies and sparkling pink lemonade.

  2. I got them from depop but I believe they were originally from dollskill, I know the listing said they were deadstock though!

  3. Did you make these pants?? For real these are so cool, I'd love a pair! I don't think I've ever seen anything like them

  4. I wish I could say I did lol, I found them on depop!

  5. I’m in love with those shoes! The pop of red looks really nice with everything too :)

  6. Your winged shoes! Did you add the wings or get them that way?

  7. They came that way, I was so excited to find them!

  8. oh my god, both are so amazing!!! i am dying to know where you got the black bloomers in the first look

  9. Thanks! They’re from a shop called Sugar and Vapor :)

  10. I’ll have to look for more dresses with them, thank you!

  11. It’s not, just an unbranded 70s dress :)

  12. my bad if this was reposted, I only posted this since the date was fairly recent

  13. Don’t worry too much about reposts, it’s half the fun of this subreddit and it’s always new to someone :)

  14. I’m only 5’6”, the platforms make me a lot taller lol

  15. I love the whole aesthetic. But I gotta know, does the purse also tell time or is it just decorative?

  16. What is the label on the dress? I would love to try to find this even though I know it’s very unlikely I’m going to find one myself

  17. I believe it says couriers california but I’d have to double check!

  18. Truly, vampinecones are the greatest threat we will ever face

  19. This is a fabulous outfit, the black and gold go so well together!

  20. Reminds me of a butterfly or moth, I love it! 🦋

  21. The skirt used to be my mom’s and is 20+ years old so unfortunately I have no idea about it, the corset is from Mystic City, the shoes and top are from depop so not sure about the brand, the arm things and fishnets are from Amazon, the shoe wings are from SweetpeasStitching on Etsy, and the earrings are from AppalachianHerbaria on Etsy :)

  22. I like the corset quite a bit! I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s holding up just fine, don’t remember what model it is. I wouldn’t wear it under clothes though as the edges are pretty sturdy and would likely show through, it’s definitely more of an accent piece :)

  23. What a wonderful day to have eyes. Love it all- the outfit, the composition, your poised demeanour & obvs the hat! Hope it’s sunny near you today.

  24. Thank you! Yes it was such a nice day out, sunny and warm cause I live in the south :)

  25. Aw, I'm getting some serious Strawberry Shortcake nostalgia vibes from this! (Wasn't there a Lemon-something character? LemonnDrop? Lemon Meringue? Idk)

  26. Lemon Meringue! I loved Strawberry Shortcake growing up, the theme is always stuck in my head :)

  27. Thanks! I made it yesterday and couldn’t wait to wear it :)

  28. That's very pretty on you. Love the fabric (looks like cotton linen blend?) and those sleeves are amazing!

  29. Thank you! It’s from their bridal collection according to the tag and I just can’t get enough of it :)

  30. I found them on depop but the soles say lemon drop :)

  31. Any idea what it would be called like the keywords to find something similar? Cuz damn it’s nice and I think I would look good in it too :3

  32. I’d search for ‘bustier babydoll top’ or ‘handkerchief hem babydoll top’. I hope you’re able to find something you like! :)

  33. Omg where is this top from!! I love it you look awesome

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