1. Soft classic is my first thought! Seems pretty moderate. Soft gamine wouldn't surprise me, though. But I think solid colors would work better than color blocking.

  2. The green is stunning! The shape of the neckline looks powerful on you.

  3. Man, I love ESFPs. They work so dang hard to help boost peoples' self esteem and protect others' personal values. I used to make jokes about being a mean person (based on things people I barely knew had told me about myself bc of my RBF), and an ESFP coworker said, "You would never do that; you're too nice." They were really observant and surprisingly insightful, so I knew they weren't just buttering me up. Really gave me a new perception of myself. 11/10 type.

  4. You can see it clearly, Kim has much broader shoulders that create an almost inverted triangle in her upper body. Nicki’s shoulders only come out a bit farther than her bust.

  5. I see SD! I think if you paired the tops in the 2nd slide with the straight jeans or skinny jeans it would look so elegant on you!

  6. I actually think Amy is not classic. She definitely has classic lines in all her clothing, but I think they look restricting on her. My bet is Soft Natural.

  7. I believe that MBTI is valid in that it helps to predict thought patterns even if it can't predict actions. Everything I've read about the mental functions is spot on, and when I play games with my friends I'm constantly seeing the difference between their Ne and Ti vs my Ni and Te (most of my game night friends are xNTPs, lol).

  8. I relate to the latter though I'm an INTJ. However, there are some cases when a person (usually Fe) is just upset over someone else breaking some standard of etiquette, and I don't usually empathize with them. So maybe I'm more like the first than I would think?

  9. Same here. The way she is describing her experience with Fe doesn't sound that radically different to some of my attempts to commiserate with people as a Fi user. Which is interesting. Maybe Fi can act like a pseudo-Fe--it can drive similar behaviors but for different motivations.

  10. Wow, that sounds so right. I think people mistakingly try to use MBTI as a way to predict peoples’ actions, but it should actually be used as a way to analyze their motivations. Different motivations can produce the same actions, after all.

  11. I would love to see a series like this on all the types in quirky styles. That's kind of a vague description of the category I'm thinking of, but as a romantic I can sometimes want a break from the typical sensual, old Hollywood glam looks when I see the more artsy e-girls girls in more fun, cartoony, almost psychedelic-inspired clothes

  12. Yes, I was thinking along the lines of Emilia in Me Before You, only I'd like to see how she could have pulled off that style more harmoniously with her lines. And other types as well.

  13. The constant frustration of knowing the MBTI-related reasons WHY other people do things but never seeing *them* understand why they make their own decisions. Like, I know it's an Ni dom thing, but do other types seriously never sit down for hours on end, analyzing their actions and delving into their own subconscious motives?? What do y'all's brains do all day? Probably just get all the sleep I'm missing, but fr

  14. I agree with most of the characters that have been mentioned here, but I think Oscar Martinez from The Office is an underrated INTJ. He doesn't get to show off his "genius" as much with the plot of the show, but he's a good example of a balanced INTJ, IMO

  15. I was not a typical INTJ at all (so I'll probably be accused of being a mistype). My Fi has always been pretty influential on me, and I lived in a dream world nonstop. I had a phase of wanting to be a princess when I was around 7, then I suddenly pivoted entirely into being a tomboy that just wanted to play fight and work outside. Through that time, I always enjoyed reading and writing and seriously expected to become an author when I grew up. I also loved just learning things for the heck of it, especially through nature documentaries and the fun encyclopedias they have for kids. I remember I was constantly trying prepare mentally for really fantastical things. I used to imagine constantly how I would react if one of our pets spoke to me, until I reached the point where I truly believe I'd be completely unphased by such an event.

  16. Have you read the arguments in the comments from the PDB profile. Here’s the issue, you guys keep creating assumptions that PDB says this or says that when it clearly shows you have not read the comments. Some users there create well-written arguments but it’s sad they get disregarded because it’s PDB being “stereotypical” according to you guys.

  17. Yes, I sat and read the comments for like 40 minutes. The reason I disagree is because everyone is implying that if you are an Fe user, that means you are incapable of any individual tastes/opinions at all. I've just never seen that in real life. By that logic, an INFJ would only be able to decide what their favorite music or food or art is by waiting to see what the majority likes first; I've never met a single Fe user that made decisions that way, unless you're saying that's how you are. In fact, I think sometimes Fe shows itself by projecting the Fe user's own feelings/values onto others and expecting them to be the same.

  18. Yes, but mine are so different from this, lol. And they're all connected to each other with dramatic backstories in my head

  19. Lol, my ESFP sister did this about Baby Yoda (Grogu) when we first watched the Mandalorian. I was shocked because I'd heard of people doing that but I thought they were all joking. So far I've never done that, but my Fi is pretty strong for my type, so it may happen eventually...

  20. I tend to like all the ExFx types (especially ExFPs), but ENTJs and INTPs are also high on my list. ENTPs tend to only be attractive to me in the media, but are only what I want for friends in real life. I do tend to struggle with Fe-Ti users, though, whenever there's an argument, so I try not to let myself fall for them too hard. Maybe that's unhealthy, but I just want to avoid ending up with someone that has sense of morality and logic so opposite of mine.

  21. Other INTJs and INFPs are awesome, too. I just prefer the thought of an extrovert

  22. Someone open-minded, understanding, reliable and independent.

  23. INFJs are awesome partners for INTPs, and I think they fit that description

  24. This is flipping adorable. I love seeing the correlations between parents' types and their children's. My parents were ENTJ and ISFJ, and I always followed my dad around when I was little

  25. My dad is an ENTJ and my mom is an ISFJ, but I've noticed that a lot of the other INTJs I know personally (mostly my distant cousins) have INTJ fathers (who are married to ENFJ-seeming women a surprising amount of the time).

  26. Hey, INTJs care about accomplishing goals efficiently, and if you believe that keeping the peace with your family accomplishes your goals while keeping you faithful to your values, then that's wonderful. Some people may act like you're not "INTJ enough" if you're not jerk that tells people to screw off every time they look at you, but practically speaking we know that social harmony is too beneficial to throw away.

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