1. even uglier trimmed. now they just look like a high school kid who went crazy with shit they bought at Jo Ann Fabrics and superglue...

  2. Another review by you of a strain I was just looking at haha, much appreciated! I know it can vary from person to person but did this effect your appetite one way or the other? Much of an aroma upon jar opening? And how do you like your DaVinciQ?

  3. I’ve also bought this batch and am loving it. Appetite effects were fairly minimal for me, so if you’re looking for something to induce the munchies, this might not be it. Definite berry and plum aroma on opening and grinding. Check the spreadsheet in my post history for more of a write up!

  4. Enchiladas from Philadelphia, obviously. Tuh.

  5. In my experience, it was easier to listen to the cadence of Alex’s voice, and buzz in right when I knew he was going to finish speaking. As said in other comments, a human activates the lights - waiting for them adds in another person’s reaction time to your own.

  6. Article 5 isn't just someone waving a wand and war were declared. Every NATO member has a say in just what an attack is perceived as, and what kind of response is appropriate in a given situation. Precisely zero, I doubt even the Poles, NATO members are advocating for a full blown war right now. It's only insane people and trolls.

  7. Right on the money. This is Reddit though. Nuanced diplomatic understanding is not in abundance here, friendo.

  8. Like 4 or 5 weeks ago I grabbed True Story OG and Sherbhead. They both had that same flavor. Sherbheads flavor kind of peaked through but that other flavor was overwhelming. I hadn’t tried the True Story OG before so I didn’t know what to expect but it was the same shit. Fast-forward to this last Friday and I grabbed some Budino (manager sale at Columbia Care). I smoked some of it this last weekend and noticed it tasted exactly the same as the true story OG and the Sherbhead. Just stuffed a cone now and can’t get past that taste. About to throw it out. It’s kind of nasty.

  9. Sorry to hear it man. Klutch has been going through some serious growing pains, and I’ve had the same experience as you. Staying far away from the company for a few months, even with those exciting new strains.

  10. That honestly might be the highest single terp number I’ve seen in the program. Wow.

  11. Wow! Lots of great stuff, congrats OP!

  12. Same, it’s my favorite Kroger in the area, not sure what these lads are on about

  13. Agreed. Solid produce, good bakery, decent meats, organized in a way that eliminates trips down (most) aisles like a proper store. What’s the downside?

  14. OGB says:

    Pretty certain you are correct (although it's I-74)

  15. Are fish logs a Cincinnati delicacy? Don’t think I’ve seen one outside of the area. I used to love the one at Kreimer’s.

  16. Could be, yeah. The historic Catholic population here might be the root of that.

  17. Not one of these posts has included an actual picture of mold, discoloration, etc. OP made the same post a month ago. He posted the back of the jars.

  18. Probably no actual mold or bud rot, they've never posted a single picture of the flower, just the jars. I'll link his source below.

  19. I’ll be honest, this is news to me. I bought a two pack and threw the second away after trying to let the first dissolve sublingually, and finding it insanely bitter. Thank you!

  20. Damn that’s sick! Looks like predator with an under bite.

  21. Credit to photographer Evgeniy Maloletka/AP.

  22. Yup had lemon slushee and big head same thing!!! I posted it and all the klutch fan boys were crying like I made it up😘 I’ve been smoking for 30 years I know when I taste mold!!

  23. Probably about 3 months ago or so for me. Incredibly disappointing - Klutch could do so much more for their customers and our loyalty by owning the mistake and correcting it, instead of claiming it’s our fault.

  24. I'm on tomorrow's episode. All of the contestants are pumped that we finally get to see it and talk about it after weeks of silence. You guys are in for a treat. There are some incredible games this week.

  25. I know like I said was so let down, I mean it felt like forever waiting to try this and this is what I got.

  26. I’ve been burned 3 times now by this ‘line’ - the Josh D OG, Catfish, and O’Ryan all had the same problem you experienced. I’d like to think I’m fairly experienced, but half of this sub seems to think that this product is acceptable. After my own 2-3 week cure of the buds did nothing to help, I’m convinced there’s remediated mold in there and am throwing the buds out.

  27. If you don't mind me asking are you able to say what the harvest date on those and was your JD OG harvested in June?

  28. No problem - the catfish and O’Ryan were both 6.10.22 harvest dates. The JD OG was a pretty limited drop earlier in the spring, and I don’t have a picture of that label. I’d guess March/April?

  29. I apologize as I am not familiar with your town/area but if your dispos got the recent Woodward drop...everything I got is top notch. If you search Woodward on the reddit search bar after you click on this sub reddit, reviews and pics will pop up (not trying to insult intelligence, I just know some of us are new to reddit). In past years some people said they would occasionally get a jar that was too dry or the like but everything I've had by them has served me quite well. In this drop, I can speak for the Animal Face (pungent scent will rock you), Animal Mints, Koala Mints and Banana MAC. All look great, smell great, sticky and have great effects. I encourage people not to THC% shop but in case that's what your after the THC%'s on mine were labeled 28%-32%. I am pretty picky and not satisfied on a regular basis with Ohio flower, but WW has done me well. I havent tried Artifact by Galenas but I hear mostly good things. Their Artifact line is their colas/top nugs I believe and some say it is trimmed/cured better but I can't speak from exp. Let us know what ya go with and how you like it! Sorry for long comment, Banana MAC has me good lol.

  30. I think we probably share a lot of similar tastes - check the constantly updated spreadsheet in my post history. But I wanted to jump in to encourage you to try the Artifact line. Find some genetics that sound interesting to you, and pull the trigger. Northern Frostberry was the only dud in the 5 I’ve bought.

  31. Picked some up based off this post. You weren’t kidding man. Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

  32. Which do you prefer? The BE mac n’ cheese is perennially solid.

  33. I had the same two batches you did OP. Catfish & Oryan were so strong last year I purchased some a few days ago. Not impressed with these current batches, not properly cured. I agree!

  34. There are dozens of us! But seriously, appreciate it. I’ve got mine in some jars with humidity packs, and will leave them in the dark for a couple weeks. Pretty ridiculous to have to finish the job for Klutch.

  35. I did. A picture doesn’t prove anything regarding an improper cure, but I’m trying to help.

  36. It’s supply and demand issue. They have recreational, it’s not even close to the same thing. I live in the bottom left corner of Ohio, I’m not driving 250 miles every time I need to get some carts. If you could only buy alcohol at liquor stores, and not every grocery store and corner store, the price would be a lot higher too. Until it’s fully legal, no Senator is going to do shit to help us save money.

  37. Loved all your comments in this thread bud. This issue isn’t going to be solved with preaching to the converted on Reddit.

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