1. In this program as a whole you cannot just look up a strain name and find the closest match on leafly. Names have to be approved, and some growers will do fucky things with strain names. POW is probably one of the worst offenders, they sell the same strains as 2 different names.

  2. Just try it and tell yourself you're going to have a good time and enjoy it. Don't give yourself anxiety over it. It's not worth the energy.

  3. It’s less of what you’re saying, and more that a medical program (at least nominally) should be transparent as glass in terms of what patients are spending dollars on.

  4. I love that you went back today and bought every strain you didn’t get yesterday. Unbelievable commitment bud. I went with this and the GP, pretty pleased with both. The Tahoe Cream you posted looks like it was fed the least amount of PGR’s, that’ll be on my list next.

  5. I am also a frequent user of rso and feco it is one of the best options for pain at a decent? price point.Thanks

  6. space weed. looks like someone's been messing around with the harvest right.

  7. They’ve done it right once, with a beautiful batch of Pineapple Upside Down Cake. But the last two attempts - 92 cookies, and now GB 2.0 - have left me disappointed. Fluffy as a dust bunny when ground up, at least.

  8. What's the lawsuit have not heard anything bout his and I'm sick so not feeling up to reading up on them.

  9. Failure to pay contractors from the construction of their Ohio facility, think it was about a $2 million stiff if I’m remembering correctly.

  10. Thank you. Found this on their Instagram thanks to you and others. Curious about it for sure. Might pick this up but having trouble deciding since they have the solo burger and biker kush as well and I haven't had either yet.

  11. I would go with the Solo. The Royal Pam is a nice, even keeled indica, and very well flushed. But the Solo is much more tasty and sedative. Pam terp #’s: myrcene 13.10, limonene 4.25, a-Pinene 4.1, b-pinene 2.1.

  12. looks like you're gonna have to get a new tire... lol but seriously do you really have to put a post up for this really ?🤣🤣

  13. Beautiful, thanks for the advice bud.

  14. Certified select and galenas artifact come the closest to the BM weed I was getting in 2000-2002. I think if it wasn’t so dry they would be even better but there has to be some issue with regulations and curing in Ohio. Don’t know how else to account for everything being super dry.

  15. A lot of the companies are drying their bud to offensive degrees to reduce water/hydration percentage. This artificially inflates their total cannabinoid percentage testing results. Flower that is actually 37% THC does not exist.

  16. The Banana Puddintain is one of the best cultivars in our program. It’s sedative and potent. The Runtz cross leans more the Face Off OG and less towards the fruity Runtz. Blackberry is visually stunning, with almost pink-red buds, and is an excellent every day hybrid effects wise. Watermelon Cake was pretty when I bought it, but was lacking in flavor and effects. With everything OCL does though, you’re going to get well cured, well flushed, and well trimmed herb. They’re completely slept on, IMO.

  17. I really appreciate the time and creativity you took in writing all this. Particularly loved your description of the taste - we’re lacking your lyrical abilities in this sub

  18. I had to smuggle a friends copy out of his basement in a Time Splitters 2 case, because my parents were much more keen on that fever dream than the GTA boogey man.

  19. Or maybe they budget, or maybe they’re really bad with money?

  20. Raw THC% (not estimated thcA or ‘total thc’) and terp numbers make all the difference in the world. Woodward’s RS11 is testing at 19%. It’s hitting me like a freight train.

  21. pineapple upside-down cake from buckeye relief pops into mind.

  22. Can anyone confirm or deny that BR is discontinuing this? I heard they were and it would break my heart. Beautifully sweet bud.

  23. ‘You do you and I’ll do me. Sound good?’

  24. That would be amazing! If you knew what you were talking about..

  25. I keep a running spreadsheet in my post history of everything I’ve bought, 100+ strains. Check it out if you’d like!

  26. My Certified Select Greasey Runtz looks good and has nice effects but is dry and almost no aroma FYI (I saw your caption). Just saw a review saying their's was super gassy etc so I guess it depends on what jar ya get like seems to be the case with many cultivators in our program. I saw FRX has straight up Runtz now but haven't tried it yet. Everything I've gotten from them has also been dry with virtually no scent so not in a rush but still interested as I liked the legit cured/stored Runtz I had from out of state a lot.

  27. The FRX runtz are decent, but not mind blowing. I don’t think it’s a real (or at least, not cross cut) lineage they have, but it is one of the only grows I’ve seen with Linalool as the #1 terp. A little bit of Fenchyl Alcohol too, which is hard to come by and freaking incredible.

  28. Yea, but I noticed it myself in a big handful of different strains from them. That's why I originally stopped buying Klutch, then I started to see a LOT of other people having the same issues so then I completely wrote them off. Seems the issues are still ongoing too so I will still be passing their stuff up for the foreseeable future..

  29. even uglier trimmed. now they just look like a high school kid who went crazy with shit they bought at Jo Ann Fabrics and superglue...

  30. Another review by you of a strain I was just looking at haha, much appreciated! I know it can vary from person to person but did this effect your appetite one way or the other? Much of an aroma upon jar opening? And how do you like your DaVinciQ?

  31. I’ve also bought this batch and am loving it. Appetite effects were fairly minimal for me, so if you’re looking for something to induce the munchies, this might not be it. Definite berry and plum aroma on opening and grinding. Check the spreadsheet in my post history for more of a write up!

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