1. Consolation bracket: I have a 10 team league where 6 teams make playoffs. We have a sacko tournament and can’t figure out what the sacko bowl is.

  2. Thank you, but we are using the ESPN format so we were just trying to understand the way ESPN would rank the teams at the end of the consolidation bracket

  3. But its a different story when his brain explodes mid game…

  4. I don’t know if our NPC joints are comparable to these pro athletes joints

  5. Update both penny and Walker are dead. But Pete Carroll is still optimistic

  6. I personally didn’t do it. But if you did and took Kelce your probably killing it and I’m jealous

  7. Thank god! I have tua and really need that tyreek, waddle receiving combo to carry me through playoffs

  8. 10 man PPR league Up 13, I have one RB slot and my opponent has Chris Olave.

  9. Kamara def has way more upside than white imo, white was good cause he Lenny was out. If he’s splitting Carrie’s the upside goes way down

  10. The lions offense goes from top tier to piss poor so quickly. I feel like he’ll only be playable if the lions are having a crazy game

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