Citadel Tower in Chicago is Burning

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  1. Reflair to missing source as this is the Lord of all trust me bros. Need confirmation photography from outside the building or better, or no dice son.

  2. Girl I’ll bring the shovel and alcohol-free mimosas

  3. It’s different. Nature doesn’t feel as “wild” in Switzerland. I never found a place which felt untouched by humans or felt off the grid. I’m also less likely to see big wild animals and I don’t need to prepare as much.

  4. This is because the Swiss have over-management of forests. Essentially cantons give free range to chop down as many trees and brush as possible for wood and pulp. It’s profit-driven initiatives masquerading as a public service. They operate under the guise of transparency and heavy-handed policy, but at the end the product is very thin forests with a growing monoculture. (This is also why forests are measured in terms of meters sq of forested area instead of arboreal density- it looks way better on an annual report!)

  5. Cool data viz OP. Would be interesting to understand temporal phenomena (ie when major polluting events such as wildfires or noxious fumes are at significant concentrations that their aggregate metrics push them to PM2.5 levels), but then you would likely need to make this interactive to prevent a noisy graphic.

  6. Oh you went out and lovingly bought her birthday gifts with care, you say? Sounds like you’re a wonderful and thoughtful friend. And perhaps you think you’re a handful, but I would imagine you’re a sensitive person and thus imagine yourself to be difficult (when in reality you’re not).

  7. I seem to remember it was Henry Ford that introduced the weekend so that his workers would have time to buy his goods. Otherwise if they worked 7 days they didn't get time to go to the shops.

  8. Nah he co-opted it as if it was him who introduced it. But it was the laborers who foisted it upon them.

  9. I’m just wondering what they’re up to, we know cramers thoughts on gme, and if he owns this shit he obviously has a say in what they wrote. So other than small bit of revenue, what does he gain from this? Trying to gain apes trust? Cause confusion? Either way, nice to see positive gme articles, but I still don’t trust the intentions.

  10. Commenting for vis.. stop posting MSM articles without:

  11. Upvoted for whatever the fuck that s thing was we used to do when we were 7

  12. Another month or 2 of "improving inflation numbers"

  13. But in all honesty aren’t much of the price hikes people are witnessing due to corporate greed? Ie “the people think prices are rising anyways so let’s make this pair of shoes cost 500USd instead of 280” (real example)

  14. Safari 😭😭 My first is almost 2 and I'm 23+4 with number two, AND we want more after this. It's gonna be so long until we can go on a safari and it's our biggest dream!!!

  15. Just got back from a month in SA. We went on safari nearly daily with our friend’s baby, who is one. He handled it very well. It’s perfectly doable. It helps to have someone accompany you on safari to support.

  16. Oh interesting!! I used to work in travel and all the companies I worked with had a 3+ age limit on kids going on safari, but I should have considered there were other options too :)

  17. Oh interesting! I think in our case because we were doing gentle drives in the evening and our game driver was contracted by us/the reserve it was fine. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy 🤗

  18. This is wild to me. Turning 40 soon and about to have my first child, but I feel/ think I'm 25....

  19. This is Bernard Zambonin, who is always writing neutral to pro GME articles for the street. He is constantly posted/posting in super stonk.

  20. This is Bernard Zambonin. Same dude over and over at TheStreet that is posted here ad nauseum. Absolutely not MSM nor part of “they”.

  21. When i was i child we had a really old cat who „came“ with the house, we had her for years, she lost all her teeth. One day my sister cleaned out the cage of her hamster and put him on the ground while doing so. The cat slept under her bad, noticed the hamster and bit him. The hamster survived, because she didn’t had teeth. Get it?

  22. At least the toothless cat tried. The SEC however…

  23. Yet again. This is Bernard Zambonin, as it always is. This is an author who hangs out here who as dontpetthesnake already pointed out, generates traffic to his GME articles exclusively through this sub.

  24. DM me your resume and let me know your location. Some are local and some can be remote. Rough location is fine like “central Texas”. I’ll take a look.

  25. Love this community because of people like you. Ape help Ape 💪🏼

  26. I don’t know anything about choice feminism or xoJane but I wholeheartedly agree with the first part. I spent a decade trying to get where I’m at in my career and now that I’m here, I feel like all I want to do is be a home maker and live a slower life

  27. The only reason the feminist movement was absorbed into the mainstream is because pro-capitalist politics subversively co-opted the movement to literally double the applicant pool, and slapped the gender empowerment label on it. This huge push for girls in stem? This has nothing to do with actually empowering women. It’s only to increase competition, applicant supply, drive down wages, and normalize the two-income household concept.

  28. Fyi this cat was edited into this-it’s not real. It’s also clear when the cat looks at the owner and looks back before hitting the glass on the floor. It’s what we would expect for perfect comedic timing.

  29. I'm well aware of owl kitty and the movie it's parodying lol

  30. Sure thing, I think I responded to the wrong sub-thread. It seems many people here think it’s real.

  31. You are correct! The push for college and intertwining it with American culture (think the “right of passage” of college that was pushed in movies and by counselors) was a way to pad the derivatives market and create debt, which underlies the value of American currency since our delinking from the gold standard in 1971.

  32. Chef. It’s now on Netflix. Watched on a whim, and the music carried it.

  33. MDR alors maintenant dire des mots en français, c’est être prétentieux? Non mais je rêve

  34. Sadly, it’s true. I’m American and lived in FR for years. Once at a party back in the states (the south of all places) I pronounced “chèvre” with an accent completely without realizing. It was an accident.

  35. I only know the proper way. How do Americans say it?

  36. High fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, preserved foods, and a more sedentary lifestyle.

  37. And car-centric infrastructure, and the nature of modern “work”.

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