[TP] I sculpted Midna with polymer clay

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  1. I wasn't sure what to make of this move by wotc before your video and I'm still not sure what to make of it.

  2. Yeah Free Archetype is really popular. There are some ways for players to min/max though, so just be aware of those. Resiliency is one example of what I'm referring.

  3. Disney arranged a publicity stun. In fortnite. Before the movie came out.

  4. Hey, as one of many thinking to pitch a change to 2e from 5 for my players,

  5. Perhaps this is what you're looking for:

  6. Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional

  7. Also the name of an aerosmith song.

  8. I run both (mostly PF) and I will say you can't translate exact mechanical ideas. All of Dungeon World makes sense in that context but makes no sense in a different context. I would not suggest modifying any rules based on what works in D World.

  9. I think we're on the same page. I may not have made it clear in my post but I'm mostly interested in what GM moves to borrow and not, say, class moves. I feel like the DW manual has a wealth of wisdom for GMs.

  10. Did you try the set_required_version function on widget in build_ui? I already get a 4.6 context without doing anything, but that function at least does not produce an error for me.

  11. I don't have the link handy anymore but I found someone that was having a similar issue. They upgraded gtk and the problem went away. So, two things. 1) I've more or less given up on gtk for now. Too many issues. 2) I think the problem here was caused by a bug in gtk.

  12. Yeah, Pathfinder definitely has a honeymoon phase in which you think the plethora of options will make character building so much more flexible and tailored to your concept (among other misconceptions). This stems from looking at rules in a vacuum, not understanding how everything comes together. Many elements of the game lose their shine as you realize how they functionally interact with the rest of the system, or how much tiny details like a lack of higher proficiency, innocuous-looking traits, or one innocent-seeming line of rules can hamstring a concept.

  13. I know that recall knowledge is rolled secretly by the GM, but should the skill being used also be kept secret? Doesn't giving it away reveal something about the creature, or would the required skill generally be obvious just by observing the target?

  14. I've yet to play pf2e, but as I look up resources to get familiar with the game I found the Rules Lawyer and he has an entire video explaining what he thinks is wrong with recall knowledge and how he addresses those problems in the games he GMs:

  15. As someone who regularly plays with 2-3 players, I can answer this for lower player counts. I should note that it's easier to adjust up vs. adjust down; adding stuff is a more simple process than taking it away.

  16. Thanks for the detailed write up!

  17. The encounter building math actually works, so they can be scaled pretty easily. At low levels, however, I'd avoid the Elite template that you can slap on monsters as low level parties don't have as many resources to overcome the bigger numbers. If you have more players than expected, just add an extra mook or two. If you have less, remove a mook or apply the Weak template to the boss, whichever you think would make for a better encounter.

  18. I think the problem is that None and GLX_NONE are not the same thing in C. So you can't use GLX_NONE in that position in your Rust code.

  19. Thanks yeah I was honing in on that thanks to poking around with gdb. None doesn't even seem to be a symbol defined by the x11 crate. I can't find it searching their github or the docs. I think that's why I got confused and used GLX_NONE instead of simply None.

  20. It seems like next steps are probably attaching a debugger, and setting a breakpoint on the call to glXChooseVisual in each so you can look for any important differences in the arguments being passed into the call. My guess would be problems with the types/packing/alignment of att[].

  21. With rust-gdb, I can see that x11::glx::GLX_NONE is 32768 instead of 0. What the hell.

  22. I don't know if it's possible to formalize the non-computable part of the reals.

  23. Unfortunately, it's hard to help with a vague description such as "it doesn't work". Could you talk more about what you expected versus what you observed? Any error messages or anything like that?

  24. Sounds like it’s panicking. What does the console show?

  25. Yes, post here some error messages :thumbs_up:

  26. The error message is basically a bunch of null pointer assertions failing that don't fail on other platforms. I was using otool to look at the dynamic linking and I noticed that my script copies two copies of a bunch of the dependencies. As far as I can tell, my program ended up linked with 2 copies of GTK. One copy from is definitely from homebrew as it has paths with Cellar in them and I wonder if the other copy is from macports.

  27. If you find this interesting you might look at the game Elite Dangerous. It's not the most engaging game unless you like hauling cargo, but it does have a model of our galaxy. You can do insane things like take a trip to the center of our galaxy.

  28. hmm, definitely some things to take into consideration.

  29. Have you tried raising the ambient humidity in the room to something in the 40% to 60% range? In theory that should mean the water in the enclosure doesn't evaporate as quickly because the air is already more saturated.

  30. that would have been an option before I moved. I moved back into my parents for a bit while starting this new job. so now he's in an office that's used by my dad and prolly wouldn't be too thrilled with that much humidity lol.

  31. Unless your dad has an hvac or a vent system on all the time, getting the humidity in the enclosure to the target range will probably have the same effect as humidifying the whole room. That's been my experience anyway. Just something to think about.

  32. How many years / hours of sculpting has it taken to get you to this level? I'm kind of curious about getting into polymer clay. I keep watching north of the border and similar youtube channels, but it looks difficult.

  33. Why do some doors and hatches (respectively) have different handles?

  34. I don't think it has any bearing on game play. I think it's just meant to be some random variation.

  35. Is a single legendary cook/legendary brewer capable of cooking/brewing for the entire fort? I'm at 130 dwarfs now and have a legendary cook/brewer but I wonder whether I should make her just a cook and give brewing to someone else since booze has no quality levels.

  36. Skill level can affect more than just the item quality. A legendary brewer will either brew faster or brew more (I'm not sure which) allowing them to produce more alcohol than a dabbling brewer.

  37. Here's a couple things you can do to improve your FPS, all related to path finding.

  38. I mined out an entire floor and now my FPS sucks and I don't know why I didn't put that together sooner. Not sure how I'm going to fix it though. I guess I could set it all forbidden and then at least the search wouldn't go there as often. I could build walls but there's a lot of useful stone there.

  39. I would just wall off your stairwell and reopen it when you need access to the stone. You could even create a little temporary dump and mark all the stone you want to be dragged out of there before sealing it up.

  40. Well, you see. I built my workshops on that floor. Also, I ordered walls built around the workshops but everyone is busy with other jobs. For now I've requested those walls and set the area outside the walls as forbidden so the search will ignore it. I'm not seeing much change in FPS, but it will probably stay that way until the walls get built.

  41. I can't seem to work out minecarts. I want a route to send stone from one stockpile near the mining zone to another in the workshops zone. I set the route, the material, the stockpiles, but the dwarves spend an endless amount of time hauling the minecart, but it never fills!

  42. Does the route have any stops?

  43. Steam version has no pet passable door? Is there a way around it? Can they squeeze through grates?

  44. I think they removed it because it lead to lag issues where pets following a dwarf would do a lot of expensive path queries looking for a way to go around the door.

  45. What do YOU do with necromancer citizens? They're absolutely painful if they get anywhere near a fight. Tempted to boot them all.

  46. My queen is a necromancer. She discovered / visited the corpse stockpile. That was kind of a nightmare. My frame rate went to about 0. Over a hundred dwarves went from very happy to very mad. I'm still dealing with some of the aftermath.

  47. I'm pretty sure if engrave without selecting a dwarf then the resulting slab is equivalent to engraving a wall or floor in a room. Which is to say, it's just a random image and not a memorial.

  48. Can you build a workshop over the grate? I've never tried.

  49. I’m still on my first fort. Is there anything I need to do to leave the fort alive if I want to start a new on in the same world?

  50. There's like a couple options when you "retire". I would check the wiki if they talk about how they each work. It's not something I know a lot about. Or post a new question in the current question thread.

  51. That sounds alright, but I'd rather do it more in a working-as-intended style.

  52. You could try that but:

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