1. It’s the measure of the twisting or rotational force applied to an object, usually measured in units of newton-meters (Nm). It is the force that causes an object to rotate around an axis or pivot point. The greater the force applied or the longer the lever arm, the greater the torque will be.

  2. I’ve seen Big Cock Little Cock. Documentary about small breed miniature chickens.

  3. And the Brit’s called it soccer first. It’s an abbreviation of association.

  4. There’s a place out north, just off the Hume highway and just out of the ACT that used to be an old golf course. Powered pitches are cheap there. Even more so if you’re there long term. Found it: Goolabri

  5. Been to these as well as DND nights there. It’s really hit and miss. There are some awesome, friendly and helpful people. Then there are some complete nut jobs who smell of the grave. It’s a bit of a nerd Russian roulette.

  6. Was a shame, first time we had a DM who was awesome, so def worth giving it a go.

  7. Arse dimples mean you have a high cheekbone?

  8. Used to be Emma Watson now it’s Pedro Pascal.

  9. It's a shame that can't let her look like the age she actually is.

  10. Just looked her up on Wikipedia - she’s England’s oldest living woman apparently.

  11. I completely wiped my arse from claggy toffee down to whistle clean with my first handful bog roll.

  12. I made cheese on toast without the bread but I’ve eaten it already so can’t show a picture of it.

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