Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season • Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS - Special Episode 1

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  1. When did everyone get such a hard-on for Belal? I swear after he fought Wonderboy everyone thought he was the next John Fitch

  2. whatever helps you sleep at night my guy, i just pray you accept Alex’s loss one day because it’s obviously been affecting you a lot. admitting you have a problem is the first step to helping solve it. you got this !

  3. Did anything notable happen in the post fight interviews? My stream crashed

  4. What do you think happens when you want to shoot another bullet genius?

  5. But even with a semi automatic pistol your accuracy will be reduced with any successive shot you take. The gun itself likely doesn’t have reduced accuracy. Both of these things don’t need firsthand experience to figure out. No need to apologize

  6. This episode perfectly encapsulates why a harmless man is not a good man. A truly good man has incredible potential for violence or evil otherwise, and reigns it in. Canute in the past wasn’t capable of, well, just about anything. Some may have mistaken him for a good man. But this episode the veil is lifting. Canute was never a good man, just a harmless man. Not long after he attained power was he corrupted by it.

  7. Me personally I’d listen to mr booba lovers take on large breasted women over a non booba loving fraud any day of the week

  8. He is literally a licensed Psychologist and had a private practice for years in the past. What are you on about?

  9. “Zoned out” no I’m just not a terminally online loser 🤣 glad you found out you were wrong tho :)

  10. Man if I didn’t hate the Fr*nch I might actually be able to enjoy this

  11. This is not an albino. This is a BEL (Blue eyed Leucistic). And while the animal may be stressed, tongue flicks like that are indicative of curious/explorative behavior, for the most part.

  12. It’s just nerds pushing the same video game OSTs while trashing on mainstream pop, hip hop, etc.

  13. Dude it’s a post memeing about disliking mainstream songs what do you expect? Why would people recommend mainstream songs under this post? Lol

  14. If worlds was in Toronto I'd be going and no one could stop me. Wouldn't even have to get a hotel. Just bite the 2 hour drive everyday

  15. Having a family full of professional athletes probably helps with his strength training techniques.

  16. Some women are only looked at as trophies and domestic servants. Women aren’t entitled to love and respect if they aren’t conventionally attractive, are not skilled at domestic work, want to pursue a career, etc etc.

  17. You sound incredibly bitter. There are many levels of gold-digger, but your narrative doesn't strike me as one. I hope that this allows you to get it off your chest & move on. If you both started with very little, she earned every cent of 50% of the marital assets. Unless there was constant stress/fighting about how money was being spent, you both spent the money. You need to process your anger & move on. Your children deserve for both parents to be happy with life.

  18. I’d be bitter too if when I told my wife she needed to cut back on spending, she took the kids to her mom, and then before the divorce was finalized, she got engaged to a surgeon and took half of what I worked hard for.

  19. Because Kurapika couldn’t have killed him, he was too strong

  20. He wasn't in a position to even attempt it. Hisoka would've rekt him to oblivion and left him alive whilst bailing with Chrollo.

  21. Ehh that depends if Hisoka would be considered a spider. If Hisoka was considered a spider by Kurapika then I doubt Hisoka could win.

  22. Unless I’m wrong but can’t the founding titan change the rule that only those of “royal blood” can use the power, like either overhaul the requirement or change Erin’s genetics to the point where Zeke’s blood now flows through him

  23. WHO FUCKING KNOWS HAHAHA the ending sure as shit won’t do anything interesting

  24. Maybe I’m dumb but I was assuming we were gonna get a full on backstory to how the 9 titans became the 9 how they spread out and evolved over the centuries

  25. Anything goes except unofficially nobody fucking talks about politics

  26. LOL you’re not doing shit lil bro. You’re not important, you are nobody, you will never be somebody so long as you keep doing things like posting political paragraphs on a shitposting nudity sub. I know this won’t get through to you. How depressing.

  27. I felt the same way when I read it back in the day. I'm glad the anime made it clearer to understand the impact she had on gaining them time.

  28. The manga literally gave her death 0 impact. Nice to see it actually make sense here

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