1. Everything by PEARS, The Lawrence Arms, Leatherface, and if you wanna get technical A Wilhelm Scream.

  2. I have got bose sleepbuds and they are the best... But they died out easily. I am already on my 3 replacements in just 9 months

  3. I made a huge mistake by purchasing the Quietons...

  4. Thanks for sharing this experience. I was put off by it because ANC doesnt work well for banging or slamming noise at night from my upstairs i* so I bought Bose sleepbuds.. They were wonderful when they worked and I was amazed by this amazing product but usually that only lasted for a few months then the batteries would die out. I also use a pair of bulkier earphones and a travel pillow to get me though the nights when I am waiting for the replacement.. So sad that we don't really have many option

  5. The Quietcomfort IIs with Brown Noise via YouTube have even been blocking out construction sound from only 20' away. I highly recommend giving them a shot!

  6. Don't even respond, if he tries to make a bigger deal about it call the cops and report him for trespassing, as far as law enforcement is concerned you know nothing about this agreement and never even spoke to him about mowing the lot in the first place 😉

  7. Is there another way to prepare pasta besides boiling it?

  8. You spend your free time arguing about climate change on Reddit 🤣

  9. Thanks so much for your response. My husband is against me doing anything. However, he doesn't like it when our dog barks. It is a dilemma, for sure!

  10. I'd try and make it clear that it feels like he's more concerned about their feelings than he is your well-being. As someone else said, it's none of their business what you do with your property. They sound like they're fully obnoxious as it is anyway, if anything maybe it'll make them a little more self aware.

  11. This sub is for dark humour, not weird fucked up illegal fetishes.

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