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  1. This with tow or Milan is the nightmare of every tank

  2. Just strap about 6-9 panzerfaust 3s or NLAWs and anyone will fear them

  3. It was infact the same brand rake. The legitimately identical rake

  4. I'd just recommend a different hardware store if you could, Ace isn't bad and I think country wide, but Menard's was amazing for my bathroom renovation recently

  5. Ace is rediculously expensive. I get its local and franchised owned but Christ I've seen things that were legitimately $20 more than at Lowes like a RAKE.

  6. Surgical tech here. One of my patients was at the very tail end of pregnancy, but the baby wound up dying. She was in denial, and refused care, and carried the dead baby for almost a month.

  7. My wife is a L&D nurse and has seen very similar things. It's very traumatizing.

  8. We used to have bottle rocket wars. We weren’t real bright. Then once a kid started firing a Roman candle at our side and I was out.

  9. We still had bottle rocket and roman candle wars when I was a kid… Im only 28.

  10. EDIT: CPR and defibrillators saves lives, and it’s easy to learn. cpr.heart.org bhf.org.uk

  11. I had a family friend in highschool suddenly drop dead in the middle of a soccer game. She was resuscitated but was on life support briefly until they withdrew care.

  12. If I'm being honest, idk what I would do. I have 2 young kids that I have to think about too. Idk who the this person is or what their motives might be. They could have been casing the house for weeks and using the blizzard as an excuse. Idk.

  13. I was going to say this myself because I caught myself wondering what I would do. I have a 1 year old and obviously I want to protect them but if I can provide shelter what would stop me? My garage is detached and has power and is insulated. My wife and I enjoy camping, have low temp rated sleeping bags and pads. We have plenty of blankets and quilts. We have a space heater and extinguishers in the garage. What would be stopping me?

  14. No, I haven't found a single pharmacy that has any right now.

  15. I switched from adderal to adzenys XR and my sleep, heartrate, BP, and wallet thanked me.

  16. Old knives with use and patina are the best. I have grandfathers old camco electricians knife from the 60s or 70s. He died well before I was born but I used it all the time in my childhood when I was visiting family. Now I have it and use it when I am feeling nostalgic.

  17. OP failed to mention this is all to catalogue his enormous porn collection 😂

  18. Something something dont worry, he has twooo floppy disks.

  19. Hah. Hahahaha. Yeah have fun stripping the screws now.

  20. First video I've seen with "those things". What the hell is it?

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were building race drones with 40 mm warheads on then. I think Im more surprised that they HAVEN’T yet…

  22. I love how out of control this has escalated. Im all for it.

  23. I made my first bread (the focaccia) last week. Last night I made my first pizza dough. Since I lack a pizza stone, I preheated our massive cast iron skillet in the oven which did the job perfectly!

  24. It was a recipe my mom suggested since it was my first time making it from scratch.

  25. I mean keep in mind it kinda tracks into new hope because harrison and carrie had an affair during it.

  26. How? Thats a 13 year gap in starwars for their characters and 14 years in real life.

  27. Had mad saving private ryan vibes from the d-day scene

  28. Pirelli actually has studded F1 tyres. Pirelli Sottozero I think? But they're not official

  29. Didnt they make studded tires for when redbull put the rb 7 down a ski slope?

  30. I’m not okay with a single point of failure considering a pilot died just this year while flying and his copilot had to turn the plane around and land.

  31. Considering that in the early days of aviation that a accident of the same nature caused the requirement of two pilots on commercial flights…

  32. You didn't do anything wrong. This is a common phrase people use.

  33. I have always viewed “you guys” as gender neutral as “y’all” or “you all”. Not “ male as default”.

  34. I don't think commercial satellite companies are allowed to task their satellites on black project facilities.

  35. If you can catch it in flight in a remote location in the air, just as good.

  36. Looks more like fragments of the deck, they were wood back then

  37. Going frame by frame definitely looks like a deck piece. Its a shape thats definitely not from a propeller.

  38. It’s likely a wooden propeller, so it wouldn’t look like much of anything after shattering, however the largest pieces that flew by seem to have some sides of them painted black, so I suspect they’re mostly propeller fragments that split down the blade

  39. Thats true too. Its hard to tell but either way its terrifying

  40. Not going to lie. My circular saw scares the bejesus out of me when I use it. Anything that spins a blade at hundreds to thousands of RPMs next to my body is terrifying and should be treated as such.

  41. I agree. This should be more of a “I fucked up, reminder to be careful” title. Less of a “ayeeeeee look I finally triggered my machine!”

  42. 4th gen fighters are too vulnerable . A much better return in manpower and resources would be atacms.

  43. Didnt they already send some pilots and crews over to the US to start training???

  44. I blew up a fridge with tannerite from 800m away and we had debris landing in front of us. I can't imagine having so little respect for explosives

  45. People who haven't sent the old FPS Russia video where him and his cameraman nearly were killed from a tannerite explosion need to before fucking with that stuff.

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