[OC] The smolest pokemon master is loving her jew home.

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  1. Same, tbh. I've never really been concerned with what exact part of an animal I'm eating (except eyes and brains, those just aren't for me). I actually just posted this because it was actually rather interesting to see such specific labeling on the package!

  2. Brains concern me the most because of the risk of prion disease. I understand that the chances are minuscule, but it just seems way not worth it.

  3. It's just anime type dialogue. It's irreverent, goofy. It's not laugh out loud funny but I have had some hard chuckle moments with the dialogue. Don't take everything so seriously. Or.. go cater to your serious nature and play super serious games if that's where you are at.

  4. It reminds me a lot of Oni, which is a game I am still find of, even with all its flaws. I agree it's probably the anime inspirations that they both draw from.

  5. I did kind of rush this post didn't I. I'll edit my post later to reflect what I'm experiencing. I don't really think what I'm experiencing is a core count issue, I just jumped to that because there is a dramatic performance difference in games in the VM vs bare metal. I understand that there will be a drop, but not down to I have to run most of my games in 720/480 just to reach something over 30fps when before they would play 60-70fps 1440p high like in CP2077 or heck halo.

  6. Have you enabled MSI (Message Signal-based Interrupts)? I found that it helped my VM a lot with timing/consistency issues in games and audio.

  7. As someone in your target age group, I agree that Hwa Yuan could be a great choice. With larger groups we've had a great time, and their presentation/service made our dinners there feel special without being pretentious. Also everything tastes good.

  8. A few months of lost $2500 rent is worth locking someone in on a $5000 a month lease, especially since they're likely to just renew in a year.

  9. No, but there's a blep in there that is amazing.

  10. Virginia is for lovers, not insurrectionists!

  11. I respect the oblique reference to Archie Bunker. I guess either him or Archie Andrews (of the comics) were bound to show up eventually!

  12. The power button is a very sturdy type. Also probably not that hard to replace if and when necessary.

  13. I wonder if you're on older firmware? The new firmware doesn't require logging in to run cox.

  14. Are you using 2 partitions on your COX drive by chance? Someone else mentioned this is required to boot into it. I dont as I followed Warners guide which stated it wasnt needed. Im reformatting and rebuilding my drive now with the 2 parts in hopes thats the fix.

  15. Yes, I am using multiple partitions on one USB drive.

  16. Kitty looks mildly disgusted with your food.

  17. Meetball Place has the driest meatballs and the worst service.

  18. I'll have you know his name is Mike and for an older guy he actually has an amazing head of hair.

  19. Because back in the day a logitech 5.1 was $50. I picked up my Z506 in 2012 for less money than even a chinesium amp alone - and those have gone with me from high school, to college, and beyond over the 10 years I've had it, filling whatever small room I ask it to with big sound.

  20. Agreed. It's before your time, but I have a set of

  21. I haven't had a new puppy in 14 years. I feel lile I might backslide.

  22. The way this fish just zooms straight up is pretty cool.

  23. Most of the spots I know that are like this are Indian or Pakistani.

  24. Do you mean B&B Restaurant on 26th Street? Last I went there was before COVID, and I agree it's amazing.

  25. I could see a live action Family Guy. Even a live action Rick and Morty. But, not a live action South Park. No parent in their right mind would allow their child to be in a live action South Park. I certainly wouldn't.

  26. They could have made a whole episode with the actors from "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining". I would enjoy that.

  27. Desi here. My sister lived in Levittown for a while, and it's nice. Just please make sure you know what you're getting into if you're buying a Levitt home! They weren't built that well originally, and they're showing their age now. Over the 5 years of living in that home:

  28. I've said it before I'll say it again. Scratching is human superpower

  29. when you hit the catnip so hard you have to hold on to someone, so you don't drift off in to the catosphere.

  30. I was having a pretty bad morning and then I read the title and it made me laugh out loud for the first time in forever. Thank you 😂

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