1. Not if done correctly, and I have like 40 tanks the ones I can't house I will be giving to my lfs or selling.

  2. They just look like standard bristles... might wanna talk to the seller.

  3. Well I think we know who's lowest on the pecking order.

  4. I'd love to get some of these babies! I want a variety of the dwarf cichlids in my 55g

  5. Be careful as these guys are very agressive even with their own kind.

  6. ikr, just vacuum seal it with some water and thats enough

  7. Wait, you guys are putting them in water?

  8. neat stripe! happens to some old females. I like them, I've heard some in the hobby call them "racing stripes"

  9. I have a few old gals in my tank that I have had for about 2 years!

  10. Alright just making sure that no chemical is leaking out of a bad seal under the rubber. Thx

  11. Wish I had something like this where I live but I am in the countryside...

  12. Long story short I bought them off a guy who had them in a bucket and didn't know what they where because they where tiny fry so I took them on.

  13. Yes, they'll eat almost anything and thrive

  14. I'm very much a beginner but I second that it looks bloated and the spine looks a little deformed.

  15. Didn't actually mean to say go there I meant to say wait for a second opinion, sorry I am not functioning well today 🤣

  16. It's cool I will sit back and watch people blindly feed a troll.

  17. A behind the scenes look at the latest Rammstein video.

  18. You could make popcorn and buy boxes of movie theater candy for her (if she likes those things)

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