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  1. I believe lucid dreaming and astral projection increase after-body awareness

  2. Anyone have a link to all those wonderful Monroe training MP3’s?

  3. Humans are a species that hasn’t learned to take care of its own and this is why the aliens won’t visit us

  4. And it’s already stuck together if you pinch it and swing it to get that extra centrifugal pack. 👌

  5. Thank your for this DANK meme on 420. Some CERN level timing.

  6. Amazing. Does he have more videos? Couldn’t find anything on yt.

  7. laughs in high “this is some shit I’d do. I’m not like the other girls”.

  8. “The most improper job of any man, even saints, is bossing other men.” -JRR Tolkien

  9. Ok but like maybe it’s non my business?? Informing others is fine but evangelism?? Idk bro

  10. Your baby looks just like my baby! Do you know what mix she is?

  11. I do indeed! Her mama is a beautiful blonde lab. Daddio is a Nova Scotia duck toller retriever.

  12. Thank you so much!!!! I got my girl from a rescue and I always just tell people she’s a “mix???”.

  13. No. I grew up in it. Went to Bible college (a cult). Was a full time missionary. Traveled with some of evangelicalism’s biggest musical acts. Worked for mega churches, parachurches, intl missions orgs, and even small churches. I’ve seen behind the curtain and ran with them all. I studied the Bible and participated in every woo-woo activity, fasted for weeks, attended 24hr prayer functions, cast out demons, gave up monies and family time for the faith, preached and proselytized in foreign countries, etc. I’ve don’t it all. And not a day goes by that I am so incredibly grateful I finally decided to follow my doubts. It’s been years now but through grueling self work I am becoming someone I actually like. Solve Et Coagula!

  14. Wow this is absolutely incredible thank you for sharing

  15. Modern western Christianity teaches a sense of hating yourself and never trusting your body or your own instincts. The Christian doctrine of trans-substantiation teaches that you are as filthy rags and need a savior outside yourself to live. Wesleyanism and people like Johnathan Edwards brought this to America (and western Christian society) in a huge way. (See “sinners in the hands of an angry god”). I think this directly ties into the idea of a fear of death and feelings of inadequacy when facing death. When I was young and being told I would go to hell for sinning, I had so many anxieties surrounding death. Everything from believing I might go to hell for not praying the salvation prayer correctly to something I laugh at now, hoping the Lord would terry the end times until I had gotten married and had sex. The release of fear that can come when one connects to their own body and tries to actualize is probably why those who have done it report such a sense of relief. Imho as someone who has experienced both “sides” of the coin of faith.

  16. I have legitimately toyed with the idea of becoming a digital nomad in a van. Until I saw the prices of nice travel vans. Fuck that.

  17. I was joking…& i assumed you knew that so okay 👍

  18. Pneumatic Explosion/Expulsion _______ - 15th Edition (what should the “N” be 🤔)

  19. FUCKING PERFECT! Impeccable. Unbelievable quite frankly.

  20. Thanks very much I’ll be ordering my own P.E.N.I.S. as soon as they hit the market

  21. Doesn’t the Bible say something about the wealth of the wicked will be stored up for the righteous. Go get your wealth, or something idk

  22. I was homeless for a little while. As if spending half your days trying to find a place to sleep for the night isn’t costly enough, let alone search for work and housing, it also gives all your friends a chance to show you how little they actually care about you. One friend told me I was really putting him out and ruining his life when I asked to sleep on his couch for one night, then he stole my laptop.

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