1. On certain parts of the internet it's going to go exactly like the meme where Eric Andre shoots Hannibal but with the caption: Why did Meghan do this?"

  2. That’s unfortunately the case in the other pop culture subreddit too. I don’t know why people really want to pretend racism isn’t a thing that POC face (especially people with black/mixed race ancestry). It really is disturbing that people are saying she would lie about that.

  3. Very interesting, Julia Roberts has a lot of FN roles and it makes sense how she rose to fame utilizing her essence with her Kibbe type.

  4. Agreed! I love her in Pretty Woman and I think her Free Spirit Chic essence really shines there. This is how I tend to feel about Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence too.

  5. That’s pretty true, I think Kibbe is right that these days Hollywood celebrities are less tied down by an archetype (mostly because the studio system doesn’t exist anymore plus the social media era), hence the confusion. I personally think it’s good to have freedom to choose but sometimes the Kibbe essences make much more sense for people to stick to.

  6. ‘62 and ‘65 look the best to me. ‘61 definitely disrupts Vertical, and I think ‘64 flares out enough to do so as well.

  7. I see what you mean, so straight hemlines are always preferred over any A-line hemlines, right?

  8. Yes, you don’t want something that flares out and disrupts the Vertical.

  9. Thank you so much! I’ve been curious about 60s fashion for DCs considering the huge shift of fashion trends during the decade. Additionally, I remember someone citing Kibbe saying that Jackie O’s best looks were from the 70s, which surprised me.

  10. We’re definitely in a similar spot with needing a wardrobe refresh! My strategy now is starting with basics, like pants, sweaters/cardigans, and nice blouses/shirts. Stick to finding neutrals and basic colors so that you can mix and match.

  11. FNs are described by David Kibbe as “Natural with a Dramatic undercurrent” so it makes sense that they would share some attributes, such as looking harmonious when accentuating sharp, geometric shapes or long vertical lines. I also agree with you that many of the women you cited might look similar when you are just looking at their bodies. However, DK describes the FN style essence as “free spirit chic” and the D style essence as “regal lady.” Depending on a person’s individual yin/yang balance, there are definitely some FNs whose D undercurrent is strong and who can play with extra sharpness and straight vertical lines. However, even in these cases (I would include Gwyneth in this category, and someone like Zendaya, who is unverified, as well) there still needs to be some element of “free spirit,” “relaxed” or “open” in order for it to work.

  12. Imagine spending 9 thousand dollars on your teeth and then just flushing it down the toilet. You will need to start all over and you do not sound like you have the time and/or dedicated needed for Invisalign. Instead of wasting more money on trays, perhaps give metal braces a try. They take less discipline abs are cheaper in some cases

  13. Considering this is a complete stranger that you don’t know or have any idea how their life was/is like, you should probably reserve your judgements to yourself. I’m sure there are things in your life that you haven’t been or aren’t proud about.

  14. I definitely agree, it wasn’t in this sub but I read some person’s argument about why X celeb was DC but….they said it’s because they look good in suits, which isn’t a good justification at all.

  15. Completely untrue, Dutch tap water is better than most countries’ bottled water.

  16. Does anyone know what is the name of the hairstyle in the fifth and sixth slide is?

  17. Feathered hair! The early 2000s had a lot of inspiration from the 70s, hence the Farrah Fawcett look ☺️ (FF is actually a verified FN)

  18. Dutch people are friendly but impersonal. They make it clear that they have their own friends and groups that they’re already acquainted with. I was born here and I’ve lived here for 10+ years (I grew up overseas), so I can say this pretty certainly. It’s rare that Dutch people will include you into their friend group unless they’re very accepting, lived abroad, and/or have a partner that is from elsewhere. In my experience, older Dutch people (60+) are also more willing to be friends with you than most young/middle aged people.

  19. What i mean is also where i come from friends' group are very fluid. Someone can join if is a common Friend or friend of only One.

  20. I definitely understand, I was let down a lot when I moved here again because that’s how it’s like in the US. Unfortunately, I had to get used to it and make friends with foreigners.

  21. Doctors Without Borders has nothing to do with the transportation of migrants. They operate with volunteers from the US, Canada, Europe, etc. that go to countries that are struggling with medical assistance.

  22. The only thing I've noticed is that most celebrities or models that are so famous for having the best bodies or whatever, they're never Romantic lol

  23. Definitely, I think people have a misconception of what Romantics generally look like.

  24. So odd that you see it for FG and DC. I really don't see it for those much at all!

  25. Me neither, I live in Northern Europe and FN/SD is probably the most sought after type here. I’m considered short even though I’m 5’5/166cm!

  26. what type would suit the chanel outfits? classics? kinda feel like they would suit no one

  27. Probably FG for both vintage and recent Chanel, but vintage Chanel from the 60s to 80s I’d say both FG and DC. In the 90s, they definitely started to lean into more Gamine-influenced looks.

  28. So after thinking about this, I do think Oprah aligns better with SD. I do think that she strongly benefits from curve accommodation and vertical. I think a lot of the looks you’ve showcased here really emphasize those qualities: sweeping lines, vertical draping, soft fabrics, rounded shapes, defined waists that don’t break the line. I do think that Oprah’s curve doesn’t want to be denied.

  29. This is such a good description! I agree with you completely, Michelle Obama just has that freshness to her that Oprah lacks (even going back to the 80s). However, Oprah has that commanding presence that definitely contributes to her public image.

  30. I’m pretty sure being second-generation doesn’t absolve you from your direct heritage. I’m considered part of my ethnic community regardless of my nationality (which isn’t American btw).

  31. I am not Black so feel free to ignore this comment. But as an outsider looking in, I find it really sad to see how much grace Black women DO tend to show Black men, and hardly get that grace back in return. Like it actually kinda hurts to witness, honestly.

  32. You’re 100% on the nose, it’s sad how we’re brainwashed to defend this type of behavior. Black women/girls are among the least protected groups in the community.

  33. It’s really interesting seeing that DCs don’t have as many facial similarities (aside from the Dramatic-ish cheekbones and heart shape with our jaw/chins) but we still have a similar “vibe”. I’m still a makeup newbie but I’ll definitely try my best to stick to DC makeup recommendations.

  34. i am surprised to hear that DCs like Jacquie Kennedy, Katherine Ross or Tracey Scoggins would be considered to have a heart shaped face?

  35. I’d say they seem more like the exceptions but Kibbe isn’t as focused on specific features of the face so idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s hard to categorize DC faces than some other types

  36. Had to use the NSFW flair because it wouldn’t let me post, but I absolutely love this shoot. Rina comes across as a D to me, it’s definitely giving Regal Lady to me here.

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