1. Just have A SHOVEL. You'd be amazed how many people are I'll prepared for winter driving. You can use your floor mats in a pinch for traction too.

  2. Might be generally true, but I've already helped people this season who didn't have any shovels and I was glad to have multiple with me.

  3. I’ve spent a great deal of time in snowy conditions and never felt a need for a shovel. In what circumstances did you use it?

  4. Really? I'm surprised. Well, helping get cars unstuck by shoveling around the tires. I've helped several people just this year get unstuck.

  5. Yeah, every Sunday afternoon I go to Europe for a few hours and come back. Where the fuck else am I supposed to get yule log cake and pfeffernusse cookies? /s

  6. No. What does saying they were wrong fix? Definitely can't make me forget. Not enough time has passed.

  7. Chances are they did not park that way. They may have spun out and left the car there.

  8. I'm gonna say that I would have to think about it. I know it sounds crazy. But the ONLY reason is because of the niche subreddits that you can learn specific things on. Like making music or fixing things. Reddit's from page is insanity but those smaller dedicated subreddits have answered so many of my questions over the years. If you're trying to learn something, Reddit and YouTube are damn near invaluable

  9. I also like reddit for the reviews. Honestly, I trust reviews of products on Reddit more than articles I read online. Just seems more likely that those pages are getting ad revenue of some sort or were bought or something vs reddit comments of people sharing their actual thoughts.

  10. If you don't drive, be careful walking! I only got about 30 feet from my building before I slipped and limped my way back home with a busted knee.

  11. If you don't have any already, I definitely recommend ice cleats for your shoes/boots

  12. Great, now I've got a cover with snow and ice stuck to it, where am I gonna leave it? In my car? In my apartment? That'll be fun when it thaws. I'll stick to my 5 minutes of brushing/scraping.

  13. I usually shake it and then toss it on the passenger seat floor mat or on the floor in the backseat where I also have mats.

  14. I will cover my front and back windows with towels at night so all I need to do in the morning is pull the towels off.

  15. That's also a good idea: using what you have! How do you keep the towels in place? The windshield cover I use has stretchy things on both sides that I pull over the mirrors that holds it in place

  16. Stress plays a huge factor in preventing weight loss, even if you're doing everything right, so good for you for focusing on your happiness.

  17. I can't have this type of relationship. Communication break for recharge... How am I going to be with a new born in a scenario like this? I'm not interested in anything that I can't see a future with at least one baby, in true honesty two babies is what I wish for.

  18. Same. When I had asked my DA ex for a heads-up, that was like the most unreasonable thing to him. He said he should just be able to not communicate when he wants. Like, bruh, you are not an emotionally mature and secure man, you are the definition of an outdoor cat.

  19. Might have a lawsuit against Hyundai on your hands with the airbags not going off?

  20. I’d say the same thing but I wasn’t hurt so I don’t think I have merit to sue

  21. You should still look into it, consult with a lawyer, a mechanic. Those airbags should have gone off, jfc I mean look at that damage. Just because you weren't hurt doesn't mean you couldn't have been. Airbags are supposed to protect without knowing whether or not the accident itself will cause injuries. I personally don't know enough about this but consulting would be useful I think.

  22. I can see the merit in this. I have more recently tried listening to music I used to listen to all the time years and years ago and I hear the lyrics differently now than I used too. I know back then I related to the lyrics but find that I don’t anymore. Or I feel the lyrics are not very healthy and that is not something I ever thought before. Music is very powerful and I can see how this all could correlate with attachment styles or at least the emotions that various attachment styles feel prominently.

  23. Yeah same. Like, some songs I listened to when my ex first broke up with me I just couldn't listen to after he did his avoidant thing and left again, mainly because I just knew so much more about what was actually going on and that if he wanted to leave, then by all means, self sabotage away. For example the song: Someone You Loved. Literally can't stand it now. I had grown and learned too much to fall back into those lyrics.

  24. I work outside and it was pretty cold here earlier this week. Around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Phone still lasted me all day and I use it for maps, taking pictures and filling out site notes.

  25. Yes, that classic intermittent reinforcement. I'm not even sure if they are conscious of the fact they do this. My ex would just start ignoring me every other month on a pattern. Even the dates lined up, he always disappeared on the 4th of every month and I'm not sure if he realized his pattern was so set in stone 🥴

  26. Having dated an dismissive avoidant person recently, I found that understanding this attachment style really helped to clarify things. Was patient and willing to work with them but they were not.

  27. Same. You can't light yourself on fire to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

  28. First and foremost: know where your stuff is and have things that you will need in easy reach. I have several organizers in my car to make this easier.

  29. I did and for me was worst , an empty bday text like i was a nobody. Made me feel like shit

  30. That's really hard, I'm sorry. Yeah, when my birthday rolled around, I was a bit disappointed, but then I reminded myself that hearing from them gave me anxiety and all the things above. I hope you feel better when your next birthday rolls around and that they're no longer on your mind 💚

  31. 100% same for me...and good riddance. The less interactions, the better. Even in our last conversations, he was gaslighting me and himself as to how events went down...I won't go into it, but I was PISSED because 1) the terrible implications of my character 2) I know he's telling these lies to his friends or they're convincing him that's how certain things went down...yeah, no. I don't need unnecessary interactions with him just for him to turn around and make me out to be some sort of manipulative villain because he can't face his guilt and work on his toxic behaviors.

  32. Funny thing is is that she actually did that to me she made me look like a really terrible person and told all these lies to her friends and made me look like I was some manipulative narcissistic person that I never was

  33. Ah, yes, the classic smear campaign 🙄. I'm sorry you had to go through with that, it's shitty. The best thing to do is just not engage with it, as hard as it is because it'll just make you look more crazy to them. Gotta just be the better person and rise above the bs.

  34. Your post tells me that you're not ready for a relationship atm, but you probably knew that. Here's the thing, your relationship ended. It could have been for real or bullshit reasons, but it ended. Someone who truly valued the connection would never have let that go. If you were an emotionally healthy, great partner to them, similar values, etc.then it's their loss.

  35. My ex kept it pretty vague to other people. However, now after us having many conversations to the point where he finally realized how behaviors of his were incredibly toxic but he can't take the guilt so he's currently on a smear campaign of me lmao.

  36. CICO + OMAD (sometimes with a snack). I haven't felt like I'm restricting myself in any way, and when you only eat one meal a day, your stomach shrinks, making it easier to consume less calories. I make sure that what I eat is filling.

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