[Postgame Thread] Utah Defeats USC 47-24

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  1. Answer: With some critical jobs, it has been decided by Congress that they can step in and prevent a strike. The idea is that some things are too important to the entire country. This was done back in the 80s with air traffic controllers at Reagan's behest. I don't know if it predates that.

  2. TIL. I’ve been avoiding savings account transfers without knowing the limit got lifted.

  3. Why should carriers care? Google has shown that they don't want to work with the carriers on rcs and instead made everything go through a Google server. Now the carriers have no real reason to work on rcs infrastructure or invest in advertising it. Google burned that bridge themselves and now reap the reward for doing so.

  4. And they have the gall to shit on Apple while trying to act like they’re the champions of open apis

  5. Not quite haha, it’s USC. Fight on! ✌️

  6. I'm not sure if you know this, but what do the other iPhone ping off of to find the "missing" iPhone?

  7. I'm not sure I get what you mean. It's like a beacon. Quick and dirty way to explain it: The lost iphone basically screams "help me, I'm stolen" and the other iphones nearby go "shit fuck" after recognizing the beacon and securely upload it so that only you can decrypt it.

  8. It's probably me being dumb, but I was curious about how the beacon works when the phone has no power.

  9. So when your phone says 0%, there’s actually some residual power left. It runs those circuits for about 12h-a day after your phone turns off (longer if it had more battery and it was manually turned off ofc)

  10. But will it be more power efficient? M1 Pro is fast enough for my needs (still on Intel), so when the time comes to switch to AS, I’ll buy a M1 or M2 based on battery life.

  11. Small update, AirPlay is still disabled in Control Center after the automation executed :/

  12. Ooo, what if you try adding an action to play a random song and stop it after 2 seconds to force it to switch sources?

  13. Oh fuck thanks for the reminder, i need to return them, got half a size smaller than what i wanted

  14. Yeah they still have 9’s for the tan color but i dunno if I want that color anymore. These NB’s are weird, normally get 8.5 and they fit me perfectly but this was a bit tight with socks on

  15. Hi there! Regrettably your submission has been removed as it did not fall in line with

  16. I'm on my second pair with this issue. My warranty ended, so I'm SOL. They need to fix this for sure.

  17. I'm finding out this is an issue with the Maxes— one day after my warranty expired.

  18. Is there a mac build of Cemu...?

  19. Elon is a POS, but Apple’s 30% cut is abhorrent. I could understand 10%-15%, maybe even 20%, or something tiered, but 30% is awful.

  20. I get this vibe from Elon that if he saw me eating a roast beef sandwich, he’d laugh at me because I’m not eating a turkey sandwich, and then offer me a turkey sandwich, but I’d turn it down because I like roast beef more and then he’d call me an idiot for not listening to someone with more money and he’d try to get other people to give me shit because I like roast beef and won’t take his turkey. And he’d just keep coming at me about this until I find another place to eat sandwiches in peace. I know that’s rambling, but I do feel this specific billionaire would ruin my lunch like that if he could.

  21. I loved the part when Thom said it’s Rainbowin’ time and Rainbowed all over the haters

  22. That’s because I’m pretty sure Christian mentioned updating generally inconsistent ui (like using modern drop-downs for example) with the 2.0 update adding iPad support

  23. Hey there, thanks a lot for your comment! I was already worried and after reading your comment I inspected further and randomly removed the sillicon keyguard (the generic ones available on amazon which are laid over the keyboard) and now my mac shuts itself properly! The lid now sticks firmly and doesn’t open up even when I turn it upside down like the second pic in OP! That’s such a relief! I almost thought that I got a faulty unit and now I feel good. Anyone reading this, if you think the lid is not properly shut in your mac do consider removing the keyboard guard and check. It will most probably solve the issue as it did in my case! Cheers!

  24. This is the biggest one for me. In my country the Pixel 7 Pro costs 800€ and the iPhone 14 Pro 1299€, if Apple wants to charge those insane prices I expect them to offer quality at every step of the experience. But instead, iCloud recently leaked private photos of users to random other people, ads are becoming increasingly common in the OS and the reliability and design of the OS has been getting worse for years now. Oh and don’t get me started on Siri or the horrible on screen keyboard. The only products of them that I still like are the Macs (though MacOS has also been getting worse) and the iPhone Mini but they discontinued that.

  25. Oh and another one that's been driving me crazy lately, Spotlight search being slow as fuck for some reason to load local apps.

  26. As someone that never watches any ED, have they really made a new one for each episode? That's insane

  27. Yes indeed. They even had a son together. Eren’s VA even recreated the “From this day on, you are free” panel with his own son.

  28. Yeah my first reaction to the orange pulltab was "yikes". It's like the makers didn't even try lol

  29. He doesn’t even hide it either. During the trial against Apple the judge asked him if Apple offered him a better deal then other devs if he would have taken it and he said yes.

  30. I dont get it. Probably because I don't watch most of their works. Are they more suited to Heisei manga?

  31. Yup, don't get me wrong. Their animation is breathtaking (e.g. Hyouka and Violet Evergarden, and even sometimes very nice for the rare nostalgic romance anime like Violet Evergarden or A Silent voice) but the vast majority of their work is Heisei stuff where you have the classic will-they-won't they tropes, romantic blue balling until the last episode and most of the time, have open endings with half the fandom arguing if something romantic even happened or not (or will happen or not).

  32. There is one case that defied this tradition, and it's Chunnibyou

  33. Yes chunnibyo was what I had in mind when I was talking about drip feeding and romantic blue balling. It’s kinda sad because they are so good for slice of life anime.

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