1. It' Portuguese and means "Create another one"

  2. Thank you so much! Can I send you a private message?

  3. Act normal, relax. Dress causal, expect, since he asked you out to buy the tickets. Ask him things about him that interest you, and expect him to do the same. The main thing is trying to not be nervous, even though I know it is not easy. Dress to make yourself feel comfortable, which in turn will help you feel that way, and then he will as well. I use to gt as you are feeling, only later in life to learn it is best to be yourself and relax.

  4. This is great advice, thank you!!! I'm mainly nervous about talking to him in person (We usually only talk casually on the internet, since we work at the same place lol) and I'm worried that I won't be able to maintain the conversation as well as we do online (we have similar tastes on music and movies)

  5. The movies??? That’s a terrible first date spot. Cause y’all can’t even get to know each other cause y’all gonna be watching something. You should try and change it to something else if you can. And just be yourself. If you don’t like you for you then it’s on to the next

  6. We actually know each other from work! But it's the first time I'll be meeting him in "different circumstances" lol and he seems pretty excited for the movies so I don't think there's much I can do lol. But thank you! You're right it's best if I show up as myself anyway :D

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