1. Omnibus announcements for 2023 (so far):

  2. didn’t want him so that’s fine. Lou/Kafka are my big two once Payton returns to FOX

  3. there’s a mute button, use it on Reggie Miller constantly

  4. Raptors are delusional if they think anyone is giving three 1sts

  5. terrible coach but he’d be cool as a consultant/assistant again

  6. Inexperienced, not terrible. It never worked out for guys like Nash, Fisher, Magic, Kidd etc to be thrown into a HC position without learning under someone first. He’s one of the brightest minds to play the game and I’m sure he will get another opportunity again.

  7. he coached terrible, therefore he is a terrible coach. if he learns and improves then that can be amended.

  8. CGN currently doesn’t have it at their facility and will need to order more from the distributor. that delays the delivery by a few weeks.

  9. Kafka and Steichen were the two I was waiting for. Idk a ton about coaching but his track record is damn impressive. I really hope this interview goes great

  10. don’t get the confidence regarding Steichen. his offenses in both LAC/PHI were average until this season.

  11. it’s not reprinted, both UXM and FF by Hickman Vol. 1 will have a limited restock.

  12. Is it first come first serve or how do restocks usually work

  13. stock amount varies but if it’s very low most will set “Limit 1 per customer” qualifications. they’ve done it before with Excalibur/Wolverine and I think it lasted two months.

  14. not sure why every interview/coach has to be compared to Sean. Lou’s a smart guy and I’d like him as HC.

  15. Props to him for spending the money to fix his mistakes. I still will never understand what compelled him to sign Keim and Kliff to 5 year extensions after the way 2021 ended…short extensions? Sure. But 5 years??

  16. Is there a single source on this? Why would Kyler care?

  17. "Looking ahead, Kyler believes that in order to consistently compete for championships -- and ultimately deliver The Valley their first Super Bowl in 33+ years -- there needs to be long-term stability for both the organization and himself.”

  18. wouldnt be mad if hes the guy. he hasnt had a elite Defense but his group has been the definition of consistent which we all know kliffs teams were the opposite. Also he never had the talent of a SF or Philly. Lstly most of Cincys FA are on the defensive side so they could follow him here if we make competitive offers for some. I like him more than flores for the HC job personally id rank the options as 1. Payton 2. Anarumo 3. Flores 4. Callahan (cincy's OC) im just not impressed with the scheme of cincys Offense i think its really more Joe Burrow

  19. I disagree. his defense has been elite this year and had stretches of that last season.

  20. Bengals fans are extremely worried about losing him so I’ll take that as a positive.

  21. he’s done a phenomenal job with that defense these past two years. his coaching history is fairly interesting as well.

  22. when you are as awful as the cardinals have been it’s probably better to be this extensive.

  23. only way to get the complete civil war story is to collect the individual trades or its box set. but I think you’d be fine with just the ASM stories, Frontline, and mini-series.

  24. that last call was stupid but Cincy should’ve scored a FG in their last two drives.

  25. I really don't like the final issues about Rahne's child and the infernal lords. But I think the first 50 issues are pretty solid (except for the baby plot).

  26. I bow to your moral superiority, but I’ll still take Payton.

  27. If they’re parting ways with him, that’s not a good sign.

  28. Oh I agree, me too. Just responding to OP who was asking about him as HC.

  29. looks like he already has an interview with LAC, based on timing I wonder if it’s basically a done deal.

  30. Question from a Blazers fan…What flavor of Hart/Nurk + assets would be able to bring back Ayton/Crowder?

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