1. YOUR HONOR as you can see from my in tact acrylics I did not punch that woman

  2. Can't say Teresa and Jen aren't loyal. Loved them leaving immediately with Danielle. My A Team

  3. Jackie really thinks she did something there with that attempted Snooki read lmao

  4. Martina calling adding an adopted child to her and Julia’s lives a “complication” had me side eying. She tried to put a positive spin on it by saying its the way they leads their lives. But it’s such a bad word choice. It makes me really think she doesn’t 100% want this. Or, she’ll agreed to the adoption so it’ll keep Julia occupied while she does other stuff

  5. I took it a little more innocently. Adding a child into anyone's life will inherently complicate it, and Martina is 66! Adopting at this stage definitely invites some more craziness into their lives but I thought it was a sweet scene and shows how enamored she is with Julia and her unconventionality

  6. Ok this bootleg therapy is actually.... really productive? Hats off to the therafriend

  7. Well now that’s just human nature isn’t it? If you don’t have the perfect body and struggle with weight issues yourself then maybe you shouldn’t run your mouth and be calling other women fat.

  8. Two things can be true at once - Tinx shouldn’t be commenting on other people’s bodies, and we shouldn’t be commenting on hers just because she does it to others. It’s not tit for tat.

  9. I agree. It’s theoretically not tit for tat. But it is when you consider human nature. What goes around comes around and people never forget being degraded, disrespected or humiliated. They will always find ways to do the same thing to you given the chance.

  10. Just because it’s “human nature” doesn’t make it right… we can always challenge ourselves to do better. In the context of this subreddit, OP is calling for us to not just give into these tropes like “what goes around comes around” with body shaming - rightfully so, because it’s not hard to be more thoughtful or reflective with your words / your snark. It’s actually more enjoyable to read people’s intelligent or cutting hot takes vs. scrolling through a pissing contest of who hates their body the most.

  11. Lindsay and Carl getting engaged kind of renewed my faith in love. There is truly someone for everyone

  12. What questions do you have after reading this? It’s okay if you don’t agree, but this post is super vulnerable and open, and clearly was cathartic to get off their chest.. no need to be dismissive!

  13. I’m confused why all the comments about antisemitism are getting downvoted. It is true that she has denounced a two-state solution, and to deny the existence of Israel or the need for a peaceful two-state solution is inherently antisemitic because it implies that Jews are not indigenous to the land when they are, same as Palestinians are. Jews seeking asylum post Holocaust were given Israel due to a British mandate. Neither side asked for this conflict, it was forced on them. Criticizing the IDF or the Israeli government is not antisemitic. Calling out the incessant violent and force throughout the conflict is not antisemitic. But to call Israelis colonizers and to deny that Israel has a right to exist is antisemitic, and Bella did that. I’m not saying she is entirely antisemitic because she did recently denounce Kanye’s antisemitic comments, but this is an antisemitic statement.

  14. So why did Zionists try to inhabit Uganda before Palestine? Y’all are settlers and colonizers but gaslight the fuck out of anyone who calls it out.

  15. Oversimplifying events like this is dangerous and inaccurate. In 1903, the founder of Zionism proposed that Jews create a homeland in a portion of British East Africa as a temporary refuge for Jews because antisemitism was rapidly rising in Europe. The Holocaust was looming and Jews had nowhere to seek refuge. Of course the proposal faced resistance, and eventually the British withdrew their offer on the land, but the goal throughout history was never to colonize or settle in other countries, or displace the indigenous people there. It’s always been to find a place where Jews can seek belonging, safety, and refuge from centuries of hatred and persecution throughout Europe.

  16. Lisa smiling in celebration every time she hit a note. I want to love myself like that lol

  17. Saw Emily Gellis last week in NYC but ignored her bc I didn’t want to give her any validation lolll

  18. Yes lol quote from the movie that obviously does nottt apply here

  19. I feel compelled to remind you this is a snark page 🧡 make a fan page if you wanna gas her up

  20. I think it's always either A) narcissism or B) hoping that airing their dirty laundry will either fix their marriage or help them finally leave

  21. Recap: they knew of her, felt like all of a sudden she was everywhere, overwhelmingly everywhere, but felt indifferent until they saw her old tweets go viral. There’s a Reddit account called

  22. Lisa’s hot mic moment (whether you think it was intentional or not) was a huge housewives first - don’t think we’ve ever seen a rant with insults as intense or specific as that.. added gut punch knowing they’ve been friends for 10 years. Her other one liners and quirks totally aside, Lisa solidified herself as iconic in that moment

  23. Tasha wins for the ultimate betrayal. Ghost left her, then choked her, and took every opp to show her that he had negative amounts of respect for her. Tony was insanely disrespectful to Carmela their whole relationship but he never left her, not that he wasn’t a massive cheater just that he wanted to see their marriage through. In the end Carmela chose him and their life (guess it’s ultimately unclear how that ends lol) and Tasha was left with one child that was murdered, one child she hasn’t seen in years and one she can’t see anymore

  24. Everyone except me? I'd have to ask all seven billion people what celebrities they don't like and then I'd have to find one where I'm the only one who doesn't like that person?

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