Can $ELON burn tokens?

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  1. Why TF has this post been up for an hour? When it's promoting other coin

  2. Not enough active mods in the subreddit. I've taken it down.

  3. oic. i did the yesterday. transferring some of mu elon to coinbase wallet for a long tem invesment. thanks

  4. Smart. Though hardware wallet might be even better, moving coins and tokens somewhere safer is always a good idea.

  5. thanks. might be my next step. need to know first how to do it.😀

  6. If you knew as much as I know about this token, you'd be excited too.

  7. I'll give this a shot, besides sending links and making unsubstantiated claims - What is going for this coin other than the hope that enough people will buy/shill it to new ATHs? Please don't mention MF as they're only a bag holder and don't control the coin. Please don't mention medium articles or post me to a website anyone could create in an afternoon. Absolute facts please.

  8. Wish I had patience for this, but there's another one like you every week. So I made a series of articles with links and pinned them to my reddit profile. Read them whenever you wish.

  9. And that depends on how old you are if you can hold all the way into the afterlife. If you are 65 years old and buy right now the time of acceptable patience is a whole different deal then if you are below 30 years old.

  10. More about patience than biological age. Most Dogelon holders have the patience of a butterfly and keep buying the tops and selling bottoms. Interestingly, those that claim they'll hold for a decade, might also be those who will benefit the most, since long enough timeframe smoothes out the bull/bear cycles.

  11. I've been in dogelon for over a year since it was new on so I'm definitely thinking long term. But i have been taking profit along the way.

  12. Smart. Diamond hands is a social pressure trap which makes people lose most of the money they could have had.

  13. I’d have a casino on it specially poker. All paid for in DogelonMars. You want to play poker there, then buy the chips with DogelonMars. Drinks etc etc DogelonMars. Get the devs to produce one and I will show you lol.

  14. Buying chips with Dogelon should be fairly easy. But it would be Hotel California. You can check out and try to cash in the chips any time you like, but you can never leave (with them), haha!

  15. I wannabe the first Dogelon Spaceships billionaire lol.

  16. Removed as spam. It's a very bad aggregator, most likely created to farm commissions on those few exchanges it shows.

  17. Ummm okay, vaulting for Dogelon? Where? What games are actually out, where you can earn more Dogelon? Maybe I am late to the party. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. I've never heard of "vaulting" and in the light of recent events, where several platforms collapsed due to offering unrealistic gains on deposited tokens. I'm surprised anyone would actively seek more of these.

  19. Umm we need something solid with this project, we are not in middle school, we need some financial stability projects.

  20. Crypto-pomelo, aren't you tired of promoting dogelon? It's been some time since you doing it.

  21. I'm still very optimistic about it. For me, the deeper I get in this, more exciting it looks.

  22. And how deep did you get in? Are you just some kind of marketing guy or top management?

  23. You flatter me. I'm a total noob at marketing. I'm just a holder who was vocal enough to catch top brass attention and promoted to subreddit moderator. Which in turn helped me get into Elongevity project and help out there as well, but that 's about it. No higher access or insight than you guys have.

  24. Help us convince the Castle game engine developers to add Delphi Android (and later iOS) support by donating a little bit of ether to their newly opened wallet for this purpose. If we make good impression, we'll have mobile support within months and not in the second half of 2023.

  25. I have 1 billion. Will that make me a millionaire?

  26. Unlikely, at least not within medium-term horizon. 100B would get you like 1/3 towards that goal, if the price went back to ATH.

  27. Fiat or crypto? Does this have something to do with Dogelon?

  28. That's nothing, we launched the NFT set this month and kept telling everyone it will launch in January 2022, haha!

  29. Lack of meaningful updates, I’m not 12, I don’t need a computer game or an aircraft NFT. I want this token to make meaningful changes to the economy and overall life expectancy. MF foundation I hope is using the funds to better the human race but don’t see much progress or investment yet.

  30. Perhaps some clarification is in order. The game and "aircraft NFTs" are a volunteer initiative by us, holders. Not the token devs. The "indie" in Dogelon indie devs is very important.

  31. No clarification is in order, there’s been zero updates or progress and MF live chats provide almost no value. If we knew who the dev actually was and the team, I’d consider a vote of who’s making decisions. Seemed it was a great thought at first but something they were unable to keep up with. Now people invested in something they believed in with little to no improvements being made. Need to see some clear objectives and action items or we need an operator to ensure these items are being met.

  32. Removed as per rule #2. Not everything with a doggy picture is Dogelon.

  33. Just looks like another late to the party effort. Dogelon has ironically been late to the party in every aspect of crypto. Whether it be pooling LP and staking to creating NFTs to having its own rinky dink game. Bunch of boomers using google.

  34. Not worried, adoption is still incredibly low. Plus the game is an excellent period of concept for us, with dynamic NFTs in the world of stupid static JPGs.

  35. I can't tell. Is this a hype post? Or irony post mocking the hype posts?

  36. Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. Keep up the good work!

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