1. This is fantastic and absolutely perfect and magnificent with a piece of cake in the side Ambush

  2. I love how they connect songs and that makes them song awesome

  3. Teammate closed the doors one second after the meeting in the final three, so it enabled the crew to press the button and eject me

  4. I miss the good old days of among us in 2020. It was so crazy, yet so calm. I remember this subreddit being so active, not a lot anymore

  5. I remember seeing those sad animations with Goodbye To a World in the background as sad music

  6. Hey forgot to say hi the last few days, how are you?

  7. I bought the pass but realized forgot im going on a trip till after the event is over.

  8. Yes, it’s just you won’t be able to buy it after the event!

  9. Oh I’m so glad I just literally bought it and was scared I wasted money haha next month ima be grinding to get all the stuff then!

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