1. I heard the owner also owns beach Babylon and a few other restaurants, is super rich, and justifies changing basque/mockingbird every 2 years on being bored and wanting to try something new

  2. Lololol. Not true! It’s a group of people who own them and they really and truly are not rich at all. Sorry to burst the bubble

  3. Ah fair enough. It was a comment from someone at a party, so definitely not verified!

  4. Hey, all g! I love a bit of party goss as much as the next guy! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. The zoo!! Things like “don’t sit on the fence or you will fall in and the Tasmanian devils will maul you” but it’s all in pictures. There’s heaps!

  6. You’re in the wrong sub sorry

  7. I’m not sure sorry, but this sub is specific to New Zealand - we can’t safely tell you if the species you posted is edible or not cos they don’t grow here

  8. LED strip lights under the shelves in the kitchen. Extra light, and makes the kitchen seem “fancier.” Mitre10 is your friend.

  9. Do they plug in to the electricity outlet??

  10. I havent used them, but have been getting ads for a company called Angel Food, which seems to do premade meals for this type of situation.

  11. Great, but insanely expensive

  12. Shit yeah, this prompted me to get tickets!!

  13. There’s another vape shop going in the mini mart on riddiford st…

  14. I’m pretty sure they’ll have decent options, seems to be a few GF things every time I go there.

  15. Probably the worst September ever, or the best. Started off feeling great, had a colonoscopy, had bloods done, had a scan, got cancer. Apparently discovered early hence the ‘best’ option is still open.

  16. thanks, yes I had a bad fall before first lockdown but didn't get much treatment as we were locked down then kinda went on with life, also had a fall recently

  17. Make sure you say the date is within the last 12 months!!!!!!

  18. they were actually who i was thinking of going to but just wanted to see what others thought as I couldn't find many reviews. Who was the name of the physio you saw there?

  19. I’ve seen Janna and Tara and another Scottish lady (who’s name I cannot remember) and all have been great!

  20. The fact that they couldn't even clean up for a BIRTHDAY PARTY says a lot. Big yikes.

  21. Right?! I waterblasted my patio before my kids party recently ffs

  22. That would be: A) the last time I visit their apartment B) the last time I eat food prepared by them

  23. I’m friends with the owners and can absolutely vouch that they are friendly, inclusive, safe and damn good at their jobs!!

  24. Best thing I ever did was get my reduction. Enjoy your freedom!!!

  25. Go to waste… or go to waist

  26. Woohoo!! I have a Hundo Aggron!

  27. Salandit com day would piss me off beyond belief if it’s anything like finding a female in the games

  28. Lol I’m level 40 and I don’t even have ANY!

  29. I evolved mine right up. It’s beautiful!!

  30. Don’t judge her for saying that. Her mother treated her children unspeakably. I think she has the right to talk about her Mum however she likes

  31. I find if I have lunch I graze all afternoon. If I skip lunch I then have an early dinner.

  32. I hear ya. I lost about 30kgs a few years ago and I’ve put 8 back on so I’m trying to shift it now. I skip breakfast and have about a thousand cups of tea

  33. Hell yeah! It’s going to be worth every sacrifice

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