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  1. That looks SO yummy. Sadly, it is SO overpriced. I hate my state's program.

  2. I feel like $100 for a half isn’t too hateful? Or am I being ignorant of other state prices for higher percentage flower..?

  3. Sell it to a homie in need for half what ya paid that’s what I normally do ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Yep, i ended ow1 on 3,3k as support and got placed plat5 after now 21 wins im diamond4 and i lost many games between the 21 wins. So you rank up quite fast

  5. Always wanted to try one of these. Interested in trades?

  6. My man’s is dabbing with the Excalibur sword. I need one 😂

  7. It’s a replica of Anduril, the reforged sword from Return of the King!!

  8. Probably the Strawberries and Cream rosin from FiSci I haven’t tried the Katana Kush rosin yet though! Also that Mimosa badder is so terpy dude it’s phenomenal.

  9. Firelands, Buckeye Relief, and Klutch are about all I buy anymore.. I apparently need to try Lighthouse Sciences according to other comments but those are my go to when I am buying concentrates. Standard is okay.. Vapen and Grow Ohio aren’t it.

  10. Oooooo some BR Lime Sherberts concentrate 😍

  11. Yum! That strain is so flavorful.. I have some Lemon G Limepop live resin from Buckeye right now! I also picked up the baller jar of Mimosa from Klutch, and the new Strawberries n Cream rosin from FiSci! Like I said they’re my favorites!

  12. Really good!! Didn’t get to try it when it was out a few years ago so I’m glad I snagged some!

  13. I ate 1.5g earlier and was smoking some Big Head from Klutch! Fire! 🔥

  14. This is one strain I haven’t tried form FS they’re probably my favorite brand when it comes to extracts.. Love Sour Papaya and Tallymon the most. Can’t wait to try this I’m glad you liked it!

  15. Curious what you think of the LR, I’ve wanted to try this one ☝🏼

  16. Yes, you're right ;) I wonder how brooms will work. Will we be able to just take out a broom out of an endless bag, like Hermione's for instance? That would be awesome.

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