1. I hate to sound this way but bro really 1 dimensional

  2. Bro no way yall said Jdot had a better year he not even close to Nardo fame

  3. Idk seem like Sosa was at a point in his life where he was just trying to chill and enjoy his success and he knew what type of nigga Von was and wasn’t trying to be around all that crash out/hot head rah rah shit.

  4. Thats still conforming for crackas but I aint gonna lie if the crackas put me in that jam mine coming off too fuck dat 😂

  5. Not conforming to white people.. It’s called surviving..You gotta understand that the world is racist and they woulda judged him just cause of his hair.. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive sometimes

  6. People conform to survive it is what it is. I make no bones about it I went up the road as a jit and they threw the book at me with zero sympathy partially because the way I looked if that shit happen next time im cutting my shit. I dont blame no man but I dont sugar coat it neither. When dem crackas finna give you time you start talking white, dressing white, cutting your hair for white people all that. Fasho to survive but its still conforming.

  7. all i can straight like this he a straight bitch ass?

  8. Why would I lie goofy😂😂😂😂 chief keef not my hero. I’m HU 18 she was HU 20 I think. Diddys daughter and berry gordys granddaughter went there as well.

  9. why do these niggas in here act like it’s impossible to know “famous” people as regular people 😂

  10. Kshordy story is crazy asf bra niggas wonder why we be tryna peep niggas like him music it’s cuz they life’s be movies

  11. No it’s not 😂😂😂😂 killing drills happen daily that’s a movie to you ?

  12. Stop being obtuse nigga im talkin ab his life story and certain stories he rap ab that shit sum shit u see in movie lol.

  13. U cant have no fefes on yo block as long as steve out here

  14. The sister of the dead dude claimin he backdoored him then posted him on his story sayin his condolences and rip. I'm takin what she said with a grain of salt tho, y'all believe anything on the net with no proof....

  15. So she dnt got no proof? She talkin ab da nigga got evil eyes 😭

  16. As a new durk fan. What are some examples of "his pain shyt"?

  17. Durk is definitely the better Rapper idk why you tweaking

  18. i mean if memo got his chain snatched cause one of his niggas gottem took from him then durk got his chain snatched when ttb nez stole memos otf chain. niggas hate memo so much they tryna give him L's via association

  19. Bro only nigga in otf to get they chain snatched

  20. Cuz that’s a L how u get ya chain snatched u makin everyone look bad

  21. Yall niggas gullible this got debunked months ago Idk what’s everyone obsession with sexuality and someone having to be gay or sum lmfaoo

  22. Naw the niggas in 20 years gon look back and call us weirdos 😂😂😂

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