1. saturn in the 7th squaring your sun in the 11th. intimídate relationships in public put a lot of karmic and teaching pressure on you.

  2. a central pressure will be placed on innovation. or, just pointless disruption, if channeled negatively. most likely, a powerful osscilation between the two. driven by, a deep need to shine, and an limiting hard-assery in intimate relationships. that's the t-square between sun, saturn, and uranus. (uranus is the apex, its where all of this energy will be channeled.

  3. Thank you so much for your insight. I will look into all of this! Her parents were rebellious by nature in their teenage years. I think we somehow all have to rebel against our parents nature so it'll be so interesting to see it play out.

  4. how do you view the meaning of those planets in conjunction, there?

  5. I'm a Sag rising (influences appearance and first impressions) and I'm told all the time that my face and demeanor is visually intimidating 😂. I'm a sweet guy, but my resting face and posture is apparently not very inviting. I also have the early 90's kid pile of Capricorn in my first house, so I think that plays a part as well.

  6. A valid opinion :). The 1st house placements definitely influence my appearance in a big way. I have eyes much darker and more piercing than my family members (Natal 1st house Neptune in Cap). Saturn and Uranus are there with it. My Gemini Mars also makes my style more unique I think.

  7. you must be 89? i have that in the 1st house too, but i’m aries mars

  8. there’s also a lot of pressure placed on your relationships (the apex of your t-square is the venus. with jupiter and uranus.)

  9. thanks for your response! Im currently training as an actor and always say to him he wuod he good in the same field but i think hes too shy, maybe sun in 12th is the cause? thank you!

  10. in whole sign houses, he’s actually sun in the first, and conjunct ascendent— you might find the source of his trouble is being too shy to get enough of the attention he wants to attract. and would probably be attracting, if he wasn’t self critical/delusional, based on the outside fears/opinions from others? was he put down a lot, and is taking on the criticism as his own opinion? like a critical parent or etc

  11. Maybe you could need this info, im a 20y.o male. Please ask me anything if it's needed!

  12. they say male cancers have a hard time of it in our current culture, where men are asked not be nurturing and sensitive. i think, esp with your node placements, you’re being challenged by the universe to accept those gifts without reservation. but, inversely, to nurture yourself over others. if you find yourself alone a lot, i think it’s to give you an opportunity to find that self acceptance, and turn your nurturing inward towards yourself. even, to be an example of it to others.

  13. God, I didn't expect a challenge from the universe! Thanks for your comment, really.

  14. that’s what we all have! living peacefully is a challenge from the universe

  15. Hi. Congratulations on finding yourself! 🌈♥️I'm bisexual and I've wondered about placements reflecting this too. I do see you have mars and venus almost exactly conjunct. I have that same conjunction too almost exact only mine is in the 12th house. I've often wondered how this placement may effect ones sexuality.

  16. definitely more intricately combines the masc/fem sides! and i’m speaking spiritually here, not to say that gay=more fem, bc it doesn’t. (or masc=lesbian, etc)

  17. look up zodiac poetry astrology! she’ll write it all down for you, if you want.

  18. What if you have a 0 degree planet and South node in the same sign? It's just new for that aspect of your psyche?

  19. 0 degrees- the epitome of the sign. the heaviest concentration of all its characteristics. the most text book “itself”

  20. Well, not entirely on my own. I had to hit my head against the wall. It only took one second of me listening to what others had to say to realize I had been wrong all along. It's going to be a long process, but for the sake of those who I love and surround me I'm willing to do it.

  21. what did they say to you, to help you see outside of yourself in this way? you have similarities with my toxic ex (whom i still speak with). both astrologically, and in how you’re describing yourself (the communication, the dad at the root of it). he is actually a narcissist (and honestly, i see similarities in the charts, but yours looks much more manageable), so i don’t have the same hope for him. but.... what the hell did they say to you????? i can’t imagine anyone getting through to him, at this point. actually, good points seem to make him more convinced he’s right (probably compensating, does recognize the truth on a level).

  22. To be entirely honest, he called me out on a lot of attitudes, told me these attitudes reminded him of his father doing all of this to his mother, I googled toxic traits in a relationship and all he said was listed there. That's when I noticed he was right. I guess seeing it somewhere else validated what he had been telling me all along. Which sucks if you think about it, because it means even then I didn't believe him. Thanks for your input, it means a lot. I hope you can heal from all of that as well.

  23. haha ya..... i’d say even if my ex read it, he wouldn’t be able to recognize himself. he’d probably tell me that’s what i was doing. so again, just letting you know that’s a big plus for your journey. good luck!!!!

  24. Rather than the generic 6mo time span, look at the dates of the flanking eclipses, and those born in that same saros cycle. I'd say the same saros is a stronger link even at months away, than a different saros a few days away.

  25. ya. i think this applies to what people have said about our souls choosing to come in at a time where our lessons may be most triggered. we’re all connected in that sense. but, the same could be said of anyone who’s alive at the same time you are. however, around the same time/same generational development may be stronger.

  26. maybe the messy bit happened already in the lead up, and instead of making it worse, we made it better. challenges don’t always mean you can’t succeed in the best way.

  27. so, then, everyone within six months with the same rising sign as you has the nodes conjunct?

  28. is she the outside? south node on the sun on the ascendent. whatever happened in the past lives is intimately and intricately tied to the identity. with the yod pointing to the nn in cancer.... i can’t tell you whether to cut ties, but i can tell you it’s all central to your life now.

  29. The thing about scorpio/8th house moons, is that if they feel like someone hurt them, or say someone they were vulnerable with, starts to feel un safe to keep or let into their life, they WILL ghost them. They are very good at cutting clean with people who have either hurt their pride, wounded them in any way, and this could also go with his own pain through the break up, being projected onto you. Getting with someone right after is tempting when you have a void left by the last person, especially for someone with a Gemini stellium.

  30. and gemini’s are ill equipped to deal with scorpio moons. he’s probably running from his feelings in every situation that presents itself. the stronger the feelings, the more he ghosts. (not that he couldn’t master that over time, but it’s a challenge not everyone’s up for)

  31. Your sun conjunct his north node in the 7th house, i think would have made you feel like "destiny" for this guy. This also shows it to be a very karmic relationship, very strong energetic ties and lessons. You most likely gave his life a certain structure and stability with your practical sensibilities and critical mind that he needed to learn for him self. you were most likely the pendulum to off set his own inner weaknesses.

  32. this is very true, and especially for a YOUNG GEMINI MALE: they’re not gonna wanna deal with the karmic feelings you bring up. maybe in a way, you’re struggling with knowing there was a chance to heal some karma, and you didn’t get the chance to do it WITH him. but the upshot is: dealing with your feelings now (to get to your next level of development, and release the obsession) will have the same effect. both of you still feel the karma rushing through you, and you may be running towards it while he runs away. (although let’s be honest, you don’t like dealing with your emotions either!) but don’t be scared of them. start with the question: what fears does he bring up in you, and where else do you see them manifesting in your life? when you’re this obsessed with someone (or the negative thoughts they’ve brought up in you).... it’s not really about them in the end!

  33. i added my concerns. the mars oppositions could also indicate fighting but.... sag aries... what else would you elect

  34. trines are “the flow” (the little triangles) so that’s moon-moon (emotions) venus-jupiter, jupiter-sun, nn-jupiter, chiron-sun, to name a few!

  35. Worked up? I’m trying to explain how your opinion is, frankly, dumb and you don’t need to be accusatory of others or worried about yourself.

  36. you’re still very worked up. and if you had a sense of what the professional world was like, you’d also be concerned with his past posts. “i’m repped but i can’t tell you where and i’m not really writing anything now but i am getting really bad reviews on my 10ps”

  37. I care — and am getting “worked up”, if that’s what you really think — because you’re throwing around serious accusations (OP stealing people’s work) without any proof. None.

  38. why do you care what i’m saying so much tho. it really doesn’t matter

  39. read/listen to the audiobook of “the new relationship blueprint” !!!!!!!!!!

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