1. Wait did you just perfectly time that photo

  2. Kanan himself said there used to be more than 10000 now there is less than 100 or something along the lines of that right?

  3. “Dissen gonna be bery messy! Me no watchin! Meesa knowing meesa gonna be big help with the negotiations!” ((Jar jar bunks voice))

  4. How is it based on that if you just reposted the exact same thing?

  5. Damn these jokes have together have great chemistry

  6. Wtf you on about ‘enhance the pixel’

  7. First one: correct time if I’m wrong, most of earth surface is just water right?

  8. I want the texture pack to always work, that’s what I’m asking for

  9. Find an updated version of the texture pack or update it yourself. You may actually find that if the texture pack is for example a 1.19 pack, using it in 1.19.4 will probably still work

  10. Yeah I make it so I’m asking how do I update it myself

  11. Fr, and most of the original jokes are better than the ‘real’ ones

  12. Why would he want to give himself 72/100? He already 95%

  13. I mean that doesn’t really prove anything

  14. What if I don’t want to explain huh? What you gonnna do

  15. Oooh, one of the most interesting aspects of heroforge for me is the fact that you can get your figures, so irl posts will always be cool

  16. Oh I though you didn’t know the green male amy

  17. Nah, I know him. I just thought your joke was funny and wanted to add on. 😎

  18. Yeah everyone knows the hedgehog jet I guess

  19. This is how Pedro pascal will start being hated :(

  20. I don’t think this guy saw the other post which was the exact same as this lmaoo

  21. This looks like an ad I almost just went right past

  22. Heights- only if I have 0 support whatsoever and the platform I’m on is rather small too.

  23. Yeah I’m not gonna do it any time soon but when I do I’ll remind you

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