1. Bro's got snake bite piercings and hand tattoos. He's rocking it

  2. This is exactly what I'm finding. The guide I follow is really good and in depth, but not until about level 50-60ish!

  3. I'm having a lot of trouble with Umbreskul on tyrannical keys, anyone got advice? I play tank

  4. Pull it as far to one side of the room as you can go, even run up the wall some. This will better stack the Crystals, and save every DPS cooldown for them. Otherwise it's really just on the DPS to kill the crystals every set and save major defensives in case one of them ends up Fracturing

  5. My friend and I just started playing today. When we tried to add each other through character name we kept getting “player not found”. We are in the same faction(horde) and realm (area 52) and are out of the starting area. Are we doing something wrong?

  6. Add each other and Battlenet its something like Username#12345 on the main launcher. Then you'll be able to easily invite any characters, in the social menu "O" by default.

  7. There's nothing better than having to quickly take a break in a firefight because you ate some bad mushrooms and have explosive diarrhea

  8. Yes, but no one is going to invite you to a group. So you'll have to run your own key

  9. Anyone has this issue whereby you can't see your shield at all? It's driving me crazy on my main (prot warrior). I tried uninstalled addons, re-installed the entire game and the same issue persists.

  10. On your back, in your hands, or both? Some back piece transmogs hide weapons from your back. If it's your hands too, no clue

  11. Started in DF, around 390 ilvl looking to start pushing up to +15 keys. I know the basics but feel like there’s a lot of little things that people do that help that I don’t


  13. That ring isn't actually super rare, I've seen a lot of them drop. And it's only a damage proc that requires dealing fire damage which I'm not sure Holy Paly can even do. The cape was probably a good pick

  14. Get the DejaCharacterStats addon and it shows you the move speed Stat with a breakdown.

  15. Why no one invites me to m+. I was a frost DK with 390 ilvl. I retalented to unholy because it is above frost in tierlist but Still. I got no chance to Do around 10 keys this way :( what rio should i have?

  16. If you have an authenticater on your account, run yourself a little expiriment. Start a group yourself in the dungeon finder for a Shadowmoon Burial Grounds of the same level you are applying for, or a +15. Maybe swap to blood real quick so people think there's already a tank in the group, and check just how many DPS apply and their ilvls and io scores. The competition for DPS spots in keys is very competitive, even for lower keys, your best bet would be to run your own key or find a group of friends to do m+ with.

  17. Man this system is kinda shit. Pretty much killing this xpack for me as a solo player

  18. To get more alchemy recipes you have to do the "potion/Phial expirimentation" crafts at the Alchemy table in Valdraken. You might also need to talk to the alchemy trainer and buy recipes from him.

  19. Since it's the main city blizzard tries to cram the most amount of people on to the shards to make it feel more busy and alive. So all the players and NPCs slow everyone's machines down

  20. I am going to be honest... I think M+ doesn't "need" keys to be fun or interesting, and is just a stupid road block.

  21. There's always going to be one or two dungeons that are easier than the others, even if only slightly. And everyone is only going to do those dungeons

  22. Since you mentioned music check out WUVT, it's VT's student-run radio station.

  23. They should give make it give you 1 charge of Vigor, because now you have to sit on the ground for 3 seconds, because mid air regen doesn't kick in until you're going fast

  24. This is one vigor per node picked with no internal cooldown

  25. No you have to sit on the ground for 3 seconds after gathering the node, because mid air regen requires a high speed

  26. What I'm trying to do : Farm a specific rare for its drop on the timeless isle

  27. Since it's a rare mob there's probably a limit on the number of times each character can kill it per day. Are you killing it multiple times a day in the same character?

  28. Going to level with some friends this weekend who's never played. We're 5 total, 2 who've played before (but not this expansion).

  29. Everyone can recruit a friend each other. You get one free month of gametime for every 3 months the person you recruit buys. Plus a bunch of other perks like being able to teleport to each other and some cool mounts and skins.

  30. If you haven't chosen the dragon flying skill that stuns mobs you should get it, don't need to dismount to gather and with stunning mobs you can usually gather before they get out of stun

  31. I swapped off that one to the shield one. Too many times it would pull yellow mobs that wouldn't have attacked me anyway.

  32. Are there any casts in any dungeons that you DON'T want to kick? I know about the "Arcane Bomb" at the end of Algethar Academy, but is there anything else? Buffs that mages can spell steal, mobs that cast more than one ability and one is way more dangerous?

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