1. It is superb but it’s not their flagship car. The 7 series is the flagship

  2. I used to work for the home office sometime ago. When a case is refused, and if the candidate apply again after refusal. We asked for additional information and double check everything so that nothing is forged. So in conclusion it will more hard for him to get accepted again.

  3. Your post history says other wise, posting questions about bringing spouses as refugees and querying screenshots of UKVI messages. Things you’d know the answers too if you had worked there. You are a 23 year old male, with a damp problem ,you appear to have studied airport management and have what appears to be substantial issues with your penis.

  4. W2c = Alice:+85294300508 / ubuysneakers(.)com

  5. So cool video, nice car and your AJ4😆, sneaker wtc pls

  6. She’s just sent me videos of the suade, it looks a little more textured than the photos suggest.

  7. It’s a Nardo grey wrap, honestly I think nardo is kinda played out, it’s white underneath and it protects the paint a little so I’m leaving it.

  8. Regulate it? How? I have the same watch from Jason with the same problem

  9. Late reply - I bought a demagnetiser of Amazon and watched a few videos. It didn’t work.

  10. The city in the background is shopped in though. 😉

  11. Oh it is, you can’t see enough of the city skyline from that area. I have a similar photo taken in that same location, I also photoshopped in the skyline.

  12. No, it's not. If you are not muslim, and if you are in a licenced place, you can drown in alcohol if you want. All middle eastern countries have the rules waived based on religion.

  13. Incorrect, technically everyone who intends to consume alcohol in the Uae is required to obtain a license to consume alcohol The problem starts when you are required to hold a residence permit to obtain said license so tourists can’t actually get one. It’s still illegal to be under the influence of alcohol, if you get stopped by a cop in a bad mood the license means shit. Obviously the bars, hotels and police for the most part overlook the whole licensing thing. It’s very rare that people are stopped but it does happen. Lived there for a few years never held a license, never had an issue.

  14. We have done both our first 2 applications without it. There is enough guidance online to assist you, our first application was rather complex but we still managed to get approved by explaining how our evidence relates.

  15. We just did our flm extension, without priority service it took 3 weeks to get an approved decision. Then another week to receive the BRP. When people do their applications I can’t stress enough how important it is to make the job as easy as you can for the person making the decision. Hold their hand and guide them through how your evidence meets the criteria via the cover letter.

  16. When we lived in Dubai we visited on a tourist visa (I’m a Brit she is also filipina) For the standard visitor application we submitted that I would be covering all costs, a letter from my family providing us a place to stay along with proof of funds. Bank statements, pay slips from both of us and a return flight ticket is a must. We were unmarried at the time so the relationship isn’t a major issue in this instance. It’s an easy visa to obtain when compared to the spouse visa since, that is a whole different beast to contend with. The UAE is currently on the U.Ks’ red list so that is probably your biggest limiting factor at the moment.

  17. I just know their livery is going to be amazing

  18. I dropped off at the factory yesterday, the trucks look great in the green.

  19. There is enough information and checklists on to do the whole application without paying a penny.

  20. Mine was many years ago but, if I remeber correctly it was between 2-3 hours. Ultimately it comes down to what experience you've had with motorcycles previous, I had been riding motorcycles in one way or another since I was 4 so it was very much a rules of the road training rather than bike control.

  21. Tesla owner sees the photo, gets offended, complains to police, person who took photo gets arrested.


  23. Red Bull really took theirs to the next level, the only one that is at the same level as F1. The f1 version is bonkers

  24. I once toured the Red Bull F1 factory, the were told that they used 3 trucks for the race team and then 47 spread truck spread out across the world that cater to the hospitality in various regions.

  25. I used dried chillies so it's not as intense as you expect.

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