1. Yeah he has some pretty shit takes to be honest. He has put on too much muscle!! Lol I seen an interview with him the other day and he just bragged about his drinking for the whole thing. 😬

  2. Ochiai ! those thighs at 19yo !! first Basho and 7-0 i hope he will go to juryo in march to watch if he's really the next big thing.

  3. That slap down move was a thing of beauty. He looks like a tough kid. 💪

  4. I'm really impressed with Nishikigi, he looks really strong. He also has a weird build. He definitely does not look 180kg. He carries the weight great. 💪

  5. He also has the best hairline in the sport. It's down near his eyebrows. No fear of that receding. 💪


  7. Fair play. Keep it up. 💪

  8. Takakeisho made Midorifuji do the walk of shame back to the ring. 🤣🤣

  9. Hōshōryū’s wins are sooooo

  10. Lol, to be fair he had a decent win today. 👍

  11. Hoshoryu can only eek out a win. I can't remember him ever looking dominant out there. They hype behind him is odd tbh.

  12. Oho was getting frustrated with Kotoeko. Great win tho. 💪

  13. Ah stop, that's the hardest I have ever seen Onosho try and win. The boy is on a mission. Hopefully he can keep it up. 💪

  14. Thank you so much for posting this. It was very interesting.

  15. Cheers for the link, some great coverage from the event on that channel. 👍

  16. They also set another world record:

  17. Yeah, his daily tournament videos are great. He recaps the whole day in a one minute poem/rap. 👍

  18. This just popped up on my Twitter. Link:

  19. Tobizaru has really impressed me this tournament. Takanosho is probably on of the strongest wrestlers in the top division and he didn't give him an inch. Strong offensive sumo 💪💪

  20. You would know, you clearly have an eye for detail. 👍

  21. Onpu says:

    I'm one of the ones who gets fired up about Shodai's Ozeki pride but I can't recall when he pulled a stunt like Takakeisho to get his KK... Hokutofuji deserved better and looked so crushed afterwards.

  22. I can't believe he didn't get up and square up to him. How are these lads so cool?

  23. Nearly everybody who lost today was due to a failed pull. If you're >150kg and can't drive at all it's time to lose weight.

  24. Sumo wrestlers are basically male geisha.

  25. I think I read an interview that said he only returned to training a month before his ban was lifted. He took a while year off by the sounds of it.

  26. Lead balloon bro. 🫣🤣🤣

  27. Does Atamifuji have Imaginary Lat Syndrome or is it just me? 🤣🤣

  28. My boy king Oho 3-0 💪

  29. The button masher does it again. Terunofuji handled that fight horribly.

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