1. Plus has the country radio dlc

  2. New fan here myself. Played with Newcastle on FIFA since 2009, but decided in August this year to follow irl. Best decision I've ever made! Didn't know about the Sunderland rivalry (wasn't even sure they had a team!) but after reading up, I can only wish for their success in the championship so that we can destroy them in the prem!

  3. I know one of them reached out to the B10 before they moved to the SEC. B10 didn’t want the combo cuz 1 of the teams isn’t academically certified. Don’t remember which one it was. OUT wanted to leave together, so that’s why they went SEC.

  4. Conservative libertarians - "We don't want government but we demand the government gives us things!"

  5. Services please... NO TAXES... only services

  6. Fancy machines have almost made "ore sniffing" a lost art. This man is an OG and a legend.

  7. I’m so sorry I hope you get well soon

  8. As has been noted by some others, Shelvey was never going to be in play due to how close he was to triggering an automatic, expensive extension for next season. Better to let him go now.

  9. Gotta respect the commitment to the plan. I can't imagine the pressure to just say "let's go for it!" Takes a very discipline office to not push for instant gratification.

  10. And they said the other day they weren't going to change their curriculum...

  11. That's not true, they had always planned on releasing the updated curriculum today. DeSantis called them out, KNOWING the revision would be today so it would appear they bowed to him.

  12. Are you fucking kidding me? They actually bowed to Ron DeSanctimonius’ hate-filled bullcrap?

  13. No, it was a pilot. DeSantis had nothing to do with the revision. This was already planned... so was HIS timing. He knew they would revise it so he called them out two weeks before the PLANNED revision was to be announced. He's not an idiot, he's scary good at politics.

  14. "His choosing to down tools and miss training to force through a move to the Magpies after submitting a transfer request was certainly the straw that broke the camel’s back for Evertonians. Granted some of those same fans acted like utterly boorish hooligans confronting the players after that Saints loss, but choosing to leave his boyhood club in that manner is just not done."

  15. What does "down tools" mean? American for reference

  16. It's referring to him supposedly being awol from training, to "down tools" is to refuse to do your job, it could also be used to describe workers going on strike for example

  17. That makes perfect sense, thank you so much!

  18. 17 of 18 actually... split natty in 2017 #ChargeOn

  19. Especially those old fucks in "the Villages". Once they die out, maybe then things will change.....maybe.

  20. So i live any 30 minutes from The Villages... it keeps doubling in size. I predict in 30 years it will apply for statehood. Seriously, that place is MASSIVE

  21. I think it's a sprain... I've had several of those where the ankle folds like his did, when he wakes up the next day it's gonna be really sore... Shouldn't be serious. Only issue is he should not have continued till half time I think.

  22. Agree. Anyone who played sports as a youth has probably done that. May take weeks to recover, but should have been pulled immediately.

  23. For not football fans: Jason's Jacksonville Jaguars fought back from being down 27-0 to win their first playoff game since Blake Bortles was QB.

  24. Can't start Joe today. This needs to be an example that life choices are more important than football. I don't think they should drop him, but a severe punishment is warranted pending his trial.

  25. Weird side tangent but it's why I personally love SCP-3008 so much.

  26. Where can I watch SCP videos? Ice been searching for 10 minutes and still don't have an answer. Thank you!

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