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  1. Because it was supposed to make the current political powers look good to their voters but it just makes them look like idiots.

  2. Not really. I recently moved, bought a house, started a new job, got a pet, and have a project car. I mean I'm looking, just not very hard right now because I still have a lot to do to get settled in and it's been difficult to find a woman who understands that.

  3. Kind of the same reason people aren’t as angry about women being lesbian than guys being gay. Being associated with femininity when you’re a guy = bad. Being associated with masculinity when you’re a girl= cool, a tomboy!

  4. Kinda like the whole "toxic masculinity" thing when woman are capable of being just as toxic. Should really just call it toxicity in general.

  5. Nice cat and it looks like you guys are getting along well too

  6. Oh yes. He doesn't like my 11+ hour shifts though lol, but he gets lots of attention when I get home.

  7. Sweet little friend. Thank you for taking him in and caring for him, you are wonderful.

  8. Thanks, my boss wanted to shoot him and that was the finale thing I needed to choose to take him home.

  9. Who is "that crowd?" What's hilarious is how upset some people get that there is any minority representation at all.

  10. I'm a firm believer in hiring based on qualification and not for the sake of "representation".

  11. Depends on what part of town I'm in or what time if night it is. Walking alone at night isn't all that safe for anyone.

  12. Since I'm stuck in my engineering mindset, I have a spreadsheet where I estimated my ideal end state for the car to be ~$17k worth of work. Double that for the DIY tax, and that puts me right around $35k for a car that is a lot more fun and interesting than most new cars on the lot.

  13. That's probably about right. Does that estimate include the ten million trips to the parts store for all the little stuff you forgot lol.

  14. Jerry Rigged, which came from Jury Rigged. Jury Rigged is a sailing term, when a mast of a sail came down or broke during sailing and needed to be fixed quickly to get them to safer/calmer waters or port so they could fix it properly, they would use the Jury knot to rig up a temporary solution.

  15. It was only a few generations ago that the only way to travel "overseas" was by ship, and slowly at that.

  16. Definitely a camaro. Is it worth fixing or just parting out? Try to charge th battery and start it.

  17. FIRST prime the oil system and run an electric pump to a gas can because you know the fuel system is probably nasty.

  18. That may be but the way it sets it's probably worth 10k+ free is a good start on a project.

  19. Am I the only one whose eye twitches when they see unmined resources out in the open?

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