1. When is this from I’ve never seen this

  2. Fortnite Ravage skin in the bookmarks 😭

  3. 2nd time this has been posted but it’s still just as funny

  4. Fast triplet flow = biting yeat 💀💀

  5. I think that giving these leakers attention and participating in the gbs is the only thing that makes them relevant. If we were to just ignore them until they were irrelevant then they’d just have to release everything. Maybe I’m wrong

  6. Hope those $10 dollar strawberries were worth it

  7. Bros drinking caramel McFlurry cut with lean

  8. I found it. It was From Above off of Lonely Avenue

  9. 90 bpm? You must be counting half time.

  10. Nah fr this tweet hit frfr. PERFECT break up album

  11. Imo the deluxe is way better of a breakup album than just the original

  12. I can just imagine Ken hanging out with his friends while Carti pulls him aside and tries to discipline him discreetly while all of his opium goons know he’s getting yelled at

  13. This looks like a cup of caramel wtf

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