1. Of course you have absolutely no clue about how the market works. You are a BBBY gambler APE after all.

  2. i think he was talking about spinning off baby...could be wrong, idk shit about fuck

  3. I never quite understand this.. with 200M shares trade why iss at 5M FTD a big deal?

  4. Squeeze already happened. People made as much as you did on bbby, papa cohen included. People already sold like you did, it's over

  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/H3fJOI6o0Je67yBam6

  6. Ya know… I’m pretty zen in dis bih

  7. Okay, so variability aside what would be the most credible source?

  8. most people think fidelity is the most important

  9. Interesting that the proof that we have from two sources are both for the 2044 bonds. Hopefully we get further confirmation soon.

  10. Also wondering if it has anything to do with the fat ass purchase of bonds today

  11. Yeah and I’m not taking it as complete proof… but this guy would really fuck his channel if he lied about this

  12. And then also them reporting the wrong dollar amounts in the article

  13. I can’t find any confirmation that the screenshot is legit. Do you have any proof it’s real?

  14. The grey post was a translation of the bank website screenshot with proof. Nothing was faked. Also Morgan Stanley and TDA were paid for 2034 and 2044 bonds. If your shilling was correct then the stock would be going down and Cramer wouldn't be backtracking

  15. Can you provide links or source or something ? I too want to believe

  16. The italian screenshot is literally for 2044 bond. Believe or not that's on you. If it wasn't paid then the stock would have dropped and Cramer wouldn't be backtracking.

  17. holy fuck. if any of you idiots get your news from this moron, you are more regarded than I could ever imagine.

  18. I am constantly searching the internet for more information on bbby everyday. I just want to go back to normal life :(

  19. https://twitter.com/nickong1205/status/1620520161056034816?s=46&t=En5_XWFmXNeXUWdxX_x0ew

  20. I was trying to find if there’s an actual post about this

  21. 4 business days - Jan 19th 8k was filed with a 3.02 which is specifically for an unregistered security offering which could be over 40% to cause the change of control on the abl? Seems like this is being overlooked. It seems the 3.02 was filed intentionally without relevant info on the securities offered imo. Look at the 11/14 8k. 3.02 filing which was related to the bond exchanges for shares privately for instance.

  22. Karma chameleon lacks it does. The only rebuttal is people will say Kastin screwed up and that it wasn't intentional. Yeah right. But

  23. I think if you send the mods a message about it they could approve

  24. Gee idk. Activist investor sells entire stake. How do you figure that one out.

  25. dont you think it would affect gme negatively, if one of the basket stocks went bankrupt

  26. If you have a anchor around your neck and then that anchor goes away, it would feel bad?

  27. you don't think the same people are shorting gme and bobby ? if bobby goes bankrupt that's even more power for citadel and whoever to continue to supress gme

  28. how much is the feb 1st bond payment ?

  29. Throughout the entire memestock saga, I have been legitimately dubious about the movie theater stock. Have I ever gone over to that sub and offered even a reasonable critique? No, why would I do that? Why should I care?

  30. I just hope one person I have come across, that I told to invest in BBBY, actually did it. All of you are cool n all but having at least one person to gloat with would be great.

  31. I’ve actually got three people to invest. And I didn’t tell them to, I explained the situation and they made the decision. Hopefully bbby doesn’t make me look like a fool

  32. so BBBY closed down a warehouse/distribution center in Texas. But interesting that Gamestop has one a couple of miles away. Gamestop closed down a distribution center in Kentucky, BBBY has one just north of Atlanta. Both closings redundant?? Both announced in the past two weeks.

  33. There's no way they couldn't pay it. The payment wasn't the full loan, it was a smaller amount. Just looks like they deliberately missed it on purpose or they are so incompetent they miscalculated.

  34. My gut tells me M/A is coming. Everything by media is desperation. Everything by media tells me to sell. Media is owned by the 1 percent. 1 percent don’t give a fuck about me and they don’t give af about you. If you think they do you’re not in touch with reality. I will wait for my money

  35. If I’ve learned anything during this saga, it is to not blow all your ammo too soon. I could have about 10k more shares rn if I hadn’t made this mistake

  36. No these dips are actually hilarious. I think we are TRULY in the end game. So much shit going on.

  37. Standstill is over dude, this is dumb

  38. Dude, give credit to the author,

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