1. Except you’re 100% incorrect.. & disagreeing with me on this topic just shows a complete lack of common sense.

  2. So your point is that the main is the toughest tournament in the world to outright win.

  3. And I would imagine the same rings true for every bounty format?

  4. You should avoid masturbation and immediate sleep, bad habit (sexually) because when you are with a partner you teach your body cum once and done, you will occasionally disappoint your partner who might want to go a few rounds.

  5. Australian here, what happens if he just doesn’t pay it?

  6. In pub poker leagues its common to put stacks from empty seats in the cup holders so that players dont deal to any stacks that dont belong to a player. If someone buys in and gets seated at that table they get the stack from the cup holder

  7. Have not played minecraft in a long time, what did they change it to?

  8. She asked me to put m&m’s in my foreskin. I think she was intending on making me eat them after

  9. Cards should be centred in that white outline.

  10. Phones are allowed as long as you’re not in the hand

  11. If engines could see the whole rest of the possible game tree, the only possible evaluations would be win for White, win for Black or draw. But engines have limited vision, so they have to produce an estimate of the probabilities of these outcomes. An engine's evaluation is essentially those probabilities boiled down to a single number.

  12. I thought it may have had something to do with not being able to predict the entire rest of the game, thanks for the explanation!

  13. It's ten thousand $100 bills. I assume that packaged tight, it would be less than an average backpack.

  14. When I was watching a televised poker game, someone added on for $500k and took out a backpack with the cash

  15. Someone called clock on themselves when I 3 bet jammed on them and they folded KK (pre)

  16. What's the 12 hour warning thing? I've never heard of it.

  17. New laws in Australia. Can’t be at the casino for more than a certain period of time

  18. I’ve folded QQ to a UTG limp reraise multiple times. I don’t care if it’s exploitable they never have a hand worse than queens

  19. Look at it this way. You’re exploiting them by folding

  20. The final boss is tough but manageable, not quite as hard as dragon slayer 2 but may take a couple of attempts. Good luck gamer

  21. I have a painting of a monkey drinking wine that I bought online while I was drunk years about 6-7 years ago

  22. I have a painting of a monkey drinking wine that I bought online while I was drunk years about 6-7 years ago.

  23. I have a painting of a monkey drinking wine that I bought online while I was drunk years about 6-7 years ago.

  24. With a 3080 and ryzen 5 3600 what settings can i expect to run this at?

  25. If you never fold the best hand then you’ll never fold the worst hand either.

  26. Depending on what stakes and who you’re playing against, this could be very very bad advice

  27. This is very true as any kind of unbalanced approach can be exploited by the right players.

  28. Is survivor buggy? Ive been playing it all day and I've had 1 crash which isn't anything special. Haven't found any bugs or anything, and it's nice to have a game play smoothly after mw2

  29. It is a little bit. I’ve had Cal get stuck on the geometry a couple of times while jumping/falling and had a creature I was fighting randomly fall through the ground and under the map.

  30. After reading this I think that’s enough late night reddit scrolling for me tonight

  31. I was GE standing with the Tbow/max range last night, and this literally happened 4-5 times in a row. They don’t say anything they just trade one mill accept decline and then log out. If anybody knows with this scam/scout/lure is definitely reply to me as well. Very curious.

  32. Yeah actually when i was ge standing doing something on my second monitor i noticed two trades that I didn’t respond too and they logged out

  33. Nothing wrong with drinking what you like.

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