1. It’s really bothering me how the wood grain lined up on two of the drawers but NONE OF THE OTHERS it looks like they were placed upside down or something

  2. I thought it was Roy saying, “I thought I had her and you stole her. Maybe someone is stealing her from you now.”

  3. The fact she has 0 leg muscle tells you everything you need to know about her “workouts”

  4. She was in a show about young people moving to Austin. It was an odd show and she was a tad boy crazy

  5. Thank you I was dying trying to put a name/show to her face

  6. Caroline Manzo is a terrible human being but boy am I excited to have her back on my tv!!!!!!!

  7. Despite the L I’m beyond impressed with how we played tonight. Fins up!!!!

  8. I'd never but at least she's better than kelly? Probably?

  9. I guess, to be fair, I’ve only watch Potomac, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills so I can’t say for certain Erika’s the worst but it’s hard to imagine anyone worse. Girl can’t even spell empathy, let alone have any. 😂

  10. Oh that's why. Kelly is all that plus MAGA, antivaxx and even more racist

  11. He looked like it right after that touchdown but than ran around again and looked fine!!

  12. When in arguments with my husband I don’t block him. I change his name in my phone. The last argument we got into was about oranges. He was so angry he said he wanted to chuck the orange across the room. I changed his name in my phone to fruit ninja.

  13. Agreed!! I manage a medspa that has the EmSculpt that they use to get their abs and butts without actually working out. In fact, I can almost guarantee they have them in their homes (one machine is about $500,000 and every 233 sessions you need to replace the $20,000 paddles). That’s why they can claim they “don’t do surgery” and “just workout”. TECHNICALLY they’re correct because the machine is contracting your muscles but all you do is lay there for 30 minutes while it does it for you!!! I use the machine and have no shame in it but don’t lie about what you do!!! It’s so frustrating.

  14. Rules are meant to be broke, and I’m not here to stay in the shade.

  15. I just watched that season! It’s season three! I think she said it during the reunion lol

  16. She was very sensitive and a little over dramatic in the beginning of the season but you’ll grow to love her!! She starts to find a confidence and take no shit attitude that was desperately needed with the group especially as the season progresses

  17. This! I couldn’t stand her at first but I’ve done a complete 180. I also think she got a bad edit with the Crystal situation when she went to give her her jacket back. It made Sutton look sketchy and Crystal look dramatic and over the top but now that we’ve learned more about Crystals eating disorder I have so much empathy for both of them and feel kind of manipulated by production….

  18. I 100% agree with you. It’s like production is part of the FFF

  19. Paris and Nicole had wit and smarts and knew exactly what they were playing up. These two are just a couple of un witty, dodo birds. Hard pass.

  20. I was in the same boat and started Potomac! Highly recommend!!!

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