1. Bhai abhi tk nhi mila flair. Saale mod apna kaam bhi dhang se nhi krte

  2. the story is not believable how can a Hindu and Muslim ever be friends it makes no fucking sense

  3. That flower looks beautiful on this beautiful flower

  4. Soilder you weren't supposed to compliment your competetor.

  5. Jaldi jaldi comment edit kar deta hu, kisko hi pata chalega

  6. Translation: I visited my village today, and look what I found

  7. Wasn't in the mood to make chai, so skipped it

  8. Fuck... Muje birthday gift ke naam pe 5₹ ka pencil deke 500 rupees ka cake khake chale jaate hai.

  9. Thanks for making me feel better about my chutiya friends.

  10. Tell your friend F15 that she's my favourite fighter jet

  11. "mod" and "straight" doesn't fit in same line. Mods gey for life ✊

  12. How lucky. If i tell my mom abt my gf, I'll be homeless the next minute.

  13. I already cannot. If i tell my mom, I'll surely be homeless.

  14. Bhai 40₹ pen pe spend karne ke wakt property bechne jaisa feeling aati hai.

  15. Everyone's favourite but only some can afford it :cries:

  16. Meanwhile me watching bbc documentary and understanding most of it

  17. I really loved a show called taarak metha ka chasma. My dadi always watched it and i used to join her. That's the only tv show i watched idk i really liked it.


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