1. OP will need to be prepared for high repair bills if he goes down the Audi route. They are better than a lot of other luxury brands, but they'll never be as reliable as something like a Legacy or a Corolla AWD.

  2. If you were to live in Finland at least it would be cheaper to own a Audi than a Subaru also on the biggest used car site in Finland there are 4900 Audis for sale and 477 Subarus and it’s through the whole country

  3. This is gonna become a rant, mainly because I'm bored lmao.

  4. I guess my days here are finite now too then. If I try to block someone and can't, I'm out. No website is worth being harassed.

  5. This is honestly me. I've been on here for over 10 years and I have reached the limit. I'm sorry, but there are a lot more than a 1000 people on Reddit that deserve to get blocked. I've slowly stopped going on reddit due to this, too many trolls who I just do not want to deal with. I don't have time to get through the dumb troll spam messages you often times run into. I'm done Reddit, go fuck yourselves.

  6. Honestly, both sides are shit. The Empire are at best complicit with, and at worst puppets for, the Thalmor. But Ulfric is a prick who's just using Thalos worship as a fig leaf justification for his own ambitions. Neither side deserves your support.

  7. Plot twist: khajiit caravans cannot enter Stormcloak or Imperial cities alike.

  8. All these comments give me much more confidence in the stick, thank you everyone!

  9. That Honda Fit will last you 300k miles and more. It's as simple as that, almost no modern cars are going to be reaching these sort of numbers. But the Fit is one of the exceptions. The other exceptions are similarly expensive, you get what you pay for.

  10. I thought I just hated it all the reviews talked so highly. But man I stopped playing them after 5 just a let down. Like I don't care about having animal side kicks nor do I care about having a team fight with me just let me be a one man army.

  11. 1 does as well, you just have to kill the owner before the house goes on sale.

  12. This is true. The management system wasn't as good but you could still build an empire of properties. Fable I definitely had a certain charm to it I liked a lot.

  13. Frankly, not overly strict. I was in the area in the 80s and you could SEE the air. I can only imagine what it would be like now if California hadn't revolutionized a significant portion of the car industry with their regulations.

  14. I wonder what his wife and kids would think....

  15. OP I forgot to mention something. Tesla owners are the biggest snowflakes in the car industry

  16. Seriously, it was the last multiplayer shooter I genuinely enjoyed and sunk time into. Everything just felt right.

  17. Yeah same here. I used to play nothing but shooters; Halo3, Modern Warfare, Bad Company 1 & 2 and ofc BF3. But after these games it sort of just died for me. And there are definitely good shooters still coming out, so I don't think that's necessarily the issue. And I still play a shit ton of video games, maybe I'm just old and nostalgic, but those games felt like the golden age of online FPS. And after that only small improvements here and there were made. Whereas BF3 was leagues ahead of BF2, it was very noticeable. And the Bad Company games were making destructible environments that nobody had done before. Idk, something changed, and I'm open to the fact that it might just be myself.

  18. Don’t get a wrx at 17 please, learn to drive first. You children are really fucking up the already high insurance cost on the these cars. A 4Runner is such a outdated platform, gas hog and overpriced. It is bulletproof however. Get an Impreza or crosstrek.

  19. This shouldn't be downvoted. No 17 year old should be driving any sort of fast sports car. Teenagers are at a much much higher risk of getting into an accident, and that risk skyrockets once they have a car too fast for them to handle. Not to mention, if you have good money at the age of 17, don't blow it on a car. The car will only depreciate in value, and getting any sort of training/education is ungodly expensive. Wait till you start your career before blowing money on a WRX.

  20. You’re kidding right? Subaru wagons have always been heavy, compared to normal cars. It’s called having an all-wheel drive drivetrain.

  21. Define "human type " humanoid could include super mutants.

  22. This shouldn't be downvoted. Super mutants started off as 100% human. If you can argue that synthetics are humans then you can argue that super mutants and ghouls are also considered human. I'm not saying one way or another, I just find it weird to consider 1 human but not consider the other. It's at least debatable...

  23. She got ripped off and gaslit. They convinced her she needed this extra crap, and she did not. For $30k she could have got a new car from toyota or honda.

  24. He is formidable, but respect for him? After what he did to Tysha and Tyrion? That was straight up cartoon villain levels of evil

  25. This! After I read about his history prior to what happens in the show, he easily became one of my favorite game players.

  26. Bro going 55-60 on ice? What’s the question here Edit: not trying to be a dick. It’s just strange to try and find some sort of magic reason the car lost control. You can barely STAND on ice without busting your ass. Now go 60 MPH and weigh over a ton and tell me what happens.

  27. He is getting downvoted because he is not acknowledging that the king was a shitty person because of Otto's mastermind.

  28. If you’re trying to prop up your feeble masculine ego with an inanimate object; then hope is already lost for you. Give up and go home.

  29. Yup, my exact thoughts when reading the title of this post. The idea that a car is masculine or feminine is just really dumb. A car is a car, cars that are seen as masculine could be some of the worst vehicles in the world. Whereas I really loved my '98 Civic, drove it over a decade without having any issues. Same goes for those old Prius', they are some of the best cars on the road if you want to get from point A to point B without breaking down. And if you want a one of the best sports cars of all time then an MX-5 is a great choice. None of these are considered masculine cars, but who gives a flying fuck?

  30. Women don't give a shit. Actually, I've had women like my Honda Civic before. They told me that Civics were good indicators that you're financially responsible and generally progressive (believing in women's rights tends to get you laid more).

  31. It's a hard choice for me. But ultimately, San Andreas utilizes air vehicles more than any other GTA, which wins it over for me. GTA IV really dropped the ball on this IMO. San Andreas had 3 full on airports(one in each city), 1 airfield you could own, 2(maybe more?) other airfields you could use, a military base airfield, and an aircraft carrier(both protected by anti air, but still cool to try to land on). All the while, GTA IV has 1 airport with zero usable planes and GTA V honestly wasn't much better(it has planes and a couple extra airfields at least). Taking planes to travel around the map made a lot of sense in SA, it didn't have to be a one way trip like it often times is in GTA IV & V.

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