1. she already had a nose job by the time she was on pete’s

  2. That quick goal made Canada somewhat overconfident, forgetting Croatia's history in World Cup

  3. or the quality just isn’t there. getting outrun in the midfield

  4. Belgium looked like a bunch of grandpas on the pitch, with no energy or desire to win the game and couldn’t keep up with Morocco’s energy and pressing today.

  5. it doesn’t help that de bruyne perpetuates this by telling the press the belgium squad is too old to win the world cup. attitude as bad as his body language

  6. Morocco is a very good team and this sub very unduly disrespected it a few times that I've seen

  7. i’d rather belgium not win today so they go hard against croatia. if they qualify early they’ll sit back/rotate heavily for the next game. but of course this scenario works in our favour if we beat croatia today

  8. I would say it fucks us. If we win today, it places us tied for second, with possibilities to qualify by winning outright against Morrocco by any score OR by drawing against them and Belgium draws OR by losing by fewer or equal goals than Belgium.

  9. yeah i was hoping for a draw, really didn’t expect a morocco win

  10. I am Canadian and I think Andy Robertson is slightly better.

  11. right now he is. but at 22 you are still raw no matter how talented, so it’s not a 1:1 comparison

  12. "Victoria threw a wine glass at him and told him she was out of his league"

  13. people love a redemption arch and somehow i thought she went through growth and maturity coming off her difficult season. nope

  14. their numbers keep plummeting each year yet they fail to innovate and continue to cast stale bread as their bachelors. whyyy

  15. I doubt it when footballer grow up seem they lose their team. KDB did this to us.

  16. just watching the ronaldo interview and my biggest takeaway from it is how unlikeable piers morgan is. like you got this big of an interview now at least let ronaldo speak without interrupting him every 30 seconds. for eg. ronaldo says "i thank not only liverpool fans but all english people who suppor-" "yeah i was at the emirates and the arsenal fans also applauded you!" - ok piers great info but how about u stfu and let the guy complete his sentence.

  17. piers drawing conclusions with his own observations and spinning them into questions to lead ronaldo down his own narrative

  18. would you rather be adored by your club but ruin your legacy at the end of your term and become a forever polarizing figure (torres) or return to a club as a former legend but then completely rewrite/ruin your legacy a decade later (ronaldo)

  19. this is adorable, but reminder that asia is a vast continent of many countries with their own diverse and distinct food cultures. soy and sesame oil doesn’t automatically define the whole continent from west to east

  20. Not gonna lie, its strange to see so many people needing approval from rival fans when it comes to our players. "But but but everyone said Nunez is a flop". "One season wonder Salah" etc.

  21. yeah, not what i expected. felt the production was below par. feel like i’ve learned more through podcasts

  22. to me he is suarez, henry, drogba status in no ranking, just based on how his legacy will be remembered as a non-english player

  23. Tbf to him, they’ve spent a fortune and I was struggling to recognise half their team. No wonder they went so hard after edwards, absolute awful recruitment over there

  24. it’s not even that the recruitment is poor? timo, ziyech, lukaku, cucurella all great signings on paper. sterling and auba were questionable but wouldn’t consider that awful either. can’t seem to pinpoint what is wrong. the most they’ve ever clicked strangely was during their transfer ban year when they relied on their academy

  25. went on the city sub for the fun of it and their top trending post is about us lol.

  26. imagine not winning your last game before the mid-season world cup

  27. the sight of nat is still comforting even though he hasn’t done anything this season to earn it

  28. if i was klopp i’d be refreshing this match thread for tactical ideas and inspiration

  29. I get it, you might be right, but still I find it hard to believe that someone would be ok with their partners paying for sex work.

  30. OF is also very personal and can go beyond the general subscription. many creators offer interaction, access to personalized content etc at an additional cost

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  32. Question...I know a lot of vit c formulas can become unstable you find its the same with this one? Do you keep yours in the fridge?

  33. vit c usually becomes unstable when it’s exposed to sunlight and oxygen and since this is in an opaque tube with a tiny squeeze opening (not like a dropper bottle) mine hasn’t noticeably oxidized! at least not before i’ve finished the tube and i’m on my second.

  34. can’t convince me it’s luck for kelleher. genuine penalty king

  35. we don’t want to point out that the signing was one of the few flops. sorry nabylad

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