1. The post speaks to me soul. I was in this same business for 6 years as an RSA dispatcher and I literally developed anxiety from it. We weren’t allowed to cancel service, it didn’t matter how much they cussed or abused us. I’m glad that the company I work for now let’s us hang up on people lol. Don’t really have a good story about getting justice but I’m excited to read other stories! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I feel for you, but I also feel for this woman. Racial profiling can be so traumatic, and I’m sure she’s encountered it so much that she’s almost expecting if from every person she encounters. I’m sorry you had to deal with it though, as it isn’t your place to listen to her 2 hour story…

  3. Sorry but a disagree with this charge. He wasn’t in view of the public. The person looked through the window. So you’re saying that I can’t have sex with the window open??? How about people just not look through open windows? 🤨

  4. Legally, not only does he have to ask, but it’s his responsibility to verify their age by asking for an ID.

  5. Also recording without consent, and also he didn’t get consent before masterbating, that’s sexual assault. Please get away from this person.

  6. The people that think a supervisor can somehow make their mail come faster is astounding to me. For context, I work for a third party claims administrator. When the check gets cut and mailed, it’s out of our hands. We can give a tracking number if it’s sent via FedEx, but most are sent via snail mail. I’ve had people escalate because we mailed it 2 days prior and it still hasn’t arrived 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  7. She just had gender reconstruction surgery on Thursday. And ama means ask me anything.

  8. Most of the time AMA means Against Medical Advice (at least medically haha), thanks for the explanation :)

  9. We've worked really hard on my sons impulsive behavior, like really really hard to teach him just cuz you're mad doesnt mean you can hit people, and he was being really good, but I saw that switch flip in his eyes and I ran faster cuz I'm like "oh, hes gonna fuck him up"

  10. My kid does the same damn thing. And I love it when people say that he’s violent because I get to ask them “well what did the other kid do first?”

  11. I live near that area, and it’s odd. That’s not an area where I would think packages get lost easily :/

  12. I don’t get upset when people mispronounce my name the first time, but I absolutely get pissed when I’ve said it 4 times and they still don’t get it right.

  13. Didn’t say it wasn’t. The difference is that these people were getting paid to not do things like that. It wouldn’t make the parent less of a crap human being but there is a huge difference between a parent doing this to their child and someone who is getting paid to watch children doing it to multiple children.

  14. Also, another point is that most videos I’ve watched where parents scare their children, they only do it for a few seconds. These disgusting people did it for several minutes and didn’t stop when the kids were crying. I’ve scared my kid from time to time, but never like that.

  15. I literally just tell them that the answer remains the same. They can continue to berate all they want, i tune them out.

  16. This is disgusting. These children aren’t even old enough to understand a prank. Poor babies, I just want to hug them all

  17. My job entails engaging with emergency services regularly, and so we speak with this first line all the time. I don’t know what else they do, I’m sure there’s more to it than what I see, but it doesn’t seem overly stressful from where I sit. Maybe I’ll speak with you one day!

  18. Thank you for saying that. This is exactly why I don’t want to do this. I have way too much empathy and I would be haunted by those calls, desperate to find out what happened.

  19. In the article it states that he did not do anything violent and that he's a "gentle giant"? My thing is as soon as you started walking towards the capitol and you started seeing people attacking police officers and breaking into the building? If you truly were not there to cause any violence why did you simply not turn around and leave?

  20. Exactly. I get it, if you are passionate about something, it’s your right to protest. But when they started attacking, that would’ve been my sign to turn around and leave. Had he done that, he would’ve never been in trouble. Smh.

  21. My question is how did the black students participating in the stunt feel about it? Context is everything and if they were active participants this may be a case of someone being offended on behalf of another.

  22. There is literally no context that would justify a “slave trade”. This is offensive.

  23. I work in claims and I hate when I ask how I can help them and they say “I’m calling about my claim” and just go silent. Infuriating. Like no sir/ma’am, I thought you called about your car’s extended warranty 😒

  24. Look at it from their perspective, they probably assume you want some account info before proceeding, or they could assume they are not with the right department, or they just don’t want to dump info all at once. You could say “yes I can help with claims / what is your account info? / what assistance do you need regarding claims?”

  25. I should have made this more clear, this is after I’ve verified their account.

  26. They recently took our After call work time completely away, it went from 2 minutes to 0. My only comfort is that our calls ring, and it gives us 4 rings before we “miss” the call (which of course is tracked so if you miss more than 5 a month it’s a write up). That gives you like 15 seconds to breathe before the next call. It sucks.

  27. I don’t enter anything directly into my system for that exact reason. Sticky notes program is my best friend.

  28. Hi…I am going through the same thing. My partner (mtf) and I are splitting after 4 years…she stopped transitioning for me after 2 months last year because I just couldn’t see a future and she didn’t want to lose me. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, the topic came up again, and in anger she told me I was being selfish for not letting her be who she was. she’s right. I knew that the whole time, and the guilt was consuming me this whole year. So I had to leave, so she could be who she was. I still love her, and every fiber of my being wants to go back. But I won’t stop her. It is the most painful thing I’ve had to do. I can imagine your partner feels the same way. I’m so sorry….

  29. PayPal is AWFUL about deadnames. They make it almost impossible to change your name on your account.

  30. That’s ridiculous. If you’ve legally changed your name, who are they to say they can’t change it??

  31. Wow, people really don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. If she had been found in her car outside a bar asleep with no keys it would be different, but she clearly drove drunk to the side of the highway….

  32. You had me there for a sec, I was READY to get my keyboard warrior fingers out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. I think that she has a lot of internal issues that still need intensive therapy. It says a great deal about you as a person that you care enough to to recognize that she might have some mental health problems and that you don’t want her to face any additional transphobia in a court setting. However, regardless of her issues, abuse is wrong and you need to protect yourself. I think you’ve given enough at this point. You are under no obligation to provide for her, and to be honest, if you’re documenting this abuse, in court they will likely not make you split everything (regardless of transphobia). Please do not continue allowing her to abuse you, you have given her plenty of chances to get the help she needs. If she wants to be an angry violent person, that’s on her.

  34. It happens. Don't stress. Especially if your partner uses they/them pronouns. Like we've been conditioned our whole lives to use she or he and to regard "they" as a plural. It doesn't exactly roll off anyone's tongue. I'm more concerned by how upset you are by this and how your partner seems to be getting standoffish. You guys can't blame each other or other allies for mistakes caused by living in a binary, cis-normative world. We're all just doing our best here.

  35. I agree with this. I’ve misgendered people on the phone and in person on accident numerous times. Of course the issue for trans and NB people is that misgendering is unfortunately the way non supporters can attack them, so it means something different to them even when it’s an honest mistake. If you find yourself misgendering more than a few times, maybe therapy would be the route to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues, but a one time thing? Apologize and move on.

  36. I won’t say who, but definitely not Trisha, though I would have loved to see how it played out if it was

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