Nothing confirms my bias more than censorship! Why bother with all that if shorts already closed? 🐸🍦

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  1. pro gamer move is to hold "a" because it makes buck run slower.

  2. so i bent down and i reached down and I scooped up a generous mittenfulll of the the deadly..... yellow snooowww.

  3. Ken dips his balls in the sugar water and waits for the ants to come.

  4. I’m still waiting on my pro pass to show some utility lmao

  5. Same. My real tinfoil hope is that the achievement pin has utility with metagates or p:g assets somehow.


  7. If we could go back to the point where other tickers were banned instead of words....then that would be great!

  8. listen up, gamers. the shfs dont want you to remember this, but theres an entire lunch waiting for you at the bottom of your keyboard.

  9. Yo lmk if anyone finds tolfdir's alembic. Mufucka loses that shit all the time.

  10. kiraverse is playable now if youre into that sort of thing. have to launch kira.exe as admin.

  11. i have thought about volunteering this name for a while. Im glad you got it.

  12. I really dislike it. I still use their older classic experience on the app. I can't stand the new designs look.

  13. So I just tried searching for my Reddit username via google (without being signed in) and once you link to the page, it’s blocked for ‘sensitive material’.

  14. Just wanted to brag fast that I finally got my Powerup Rewards Pass NFT today!

  15. What are changes you guys are preparing to make in your everyday lives let’s say X holder CS accounts are worth hundreds of millions 6mo after the peak of the squeeze? Private security and bodyguards? New residences maybe moving countries? Moving into the middle of absolutely nowhere? Bulletproof transportation? We’ll definitely have to move around differently after some historic market movements in our favor.

  16. Ima shit and fart all over the walls motherfuckers.

  17. Damn, the end of 2022 is really here. I wonder how many MOASS theories we had in total that failed this year. Over/under a thousand?

  18. Now is the best time to bingewatch dragon ball z in human history.

  19. wish blizz would nft my overwatch skins so i could flip them for more gme shares....

  20. Fam wasn't a fan of the foil cap until I explained Elliot waves the second time through.

  21. And that shit with Vegeta. Like HOLY FUCKING HELL Frieza, he's already been crushed. You can stop bruh.

  22. Watch dbz:abridge , the objectivly best way to rewatch the series

  23. I'd like to do that. Just so I dont get lost in torrent hell, abridged has 3 seasons with a bunch of meme names? like no country for old namekians?

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