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  1. Trust your training. Get through this section and your 2nd wind (maybe 3rd or 4th wind) will be coming.

  2. Packers have the same number of playoff wins this year as the Vikes…and one less loss!

  3. My thoughts from deep within Patriots country?? Go Pack Go!

  4. I’m in patriot country and I will respond in a loud voice GPG for anyone saying Go Pack Go to me!

  5. Did a neighborhood Turkey trot/run/walk—probably about 50 participants. My wife walked, my two oldest boys and I ran. My oldest ran in a Turkey costume…he and I finished together (I outsprinted him at the end) with a 7:15 pace. the overall winner was a 6th grader on my youngest two son’s MS XC team with an average pace of 5:24/mile.

  6. This is awesome…my question about things like this is how the heck did anyone ever figure this out…

  7. Don’t we have enough WR with hamstring issues??!!

  8. It doesn’t need to be the last time…we’ll be playing it again for the LOLMets!

  9. Regardless….the Pack still had to go out and perform on the last play…and they did and we won the game. So Fn happy. I live in the Boston area and the absurd amount of Love Brady still gets is crazy…and the amount of fair weather Bucs fans just because the golden boy is on that team.

  10. I’ve been saying this for a while, and I get downvoted to smithereens. The talent on this team is not big ten talent. People point out that we are ranked 20th or 24th (I can’t remember). You know what.. SICK! The ranking means nothing. I played college football (shitty fcs, not a big deal 👀) and i have a slight grasp on what talent looks like. The huskers lack it. And anyone who tells me they’re ranked top 25 and take their own shoe and shove it up their ass cause those ranking don’t mean shit.

  11. I agree our linemen (both offense and defense) are the weak points.

  12. It will be an even matchup…their pathetic offense vs our pathetic defense and good offense vs good defense.

  13. So I’m celiac, and when we were watching the Cards play, right inside the stadium is a stand that you can get a chicken sandwich (I got it without the bun) or a beef brisket. It came with a salad and a drink. It was really really good. I can’t help with outside restaurants but inside the stadium I could find stuff fairly easily.

  14. From Nebraska now in Boston…TBS is a main reason I was a Braves fan through the years.

  15. My wife said whoever’s special teams doesn’t mess up the most will win the game. The Packers special teams until messed up really bad…for most of the game.

  16. I'm a niners fan and am just excited to see what happens, I figured they were a good match for greenbay. As odd as it may sound I think in better weather Rodgers gets the win. Now not sure who I want to win today. On one hand they have beat the Rams twice this year so the Rams would be wound up but on the other hand I'm not sure SF matches up well against Brady.

  17. My wife is a Niners fan (and a Husker fan). She has the same thoughts…she doesn’t know who she wants to win. She hates the Rams so she wants them to lose, but she doesn’t want to face the Bucs so she wants them to lose.

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