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  1. Yeah somebody drove through the front wall of a Bridal Shop downtown by McKinley park yesterday too. Just straight up smashed everything and dipped.

  2. Oh look, it's my aunt posting on facebook again. Totally not climate related at all. They just went to Russia.

  3. climate scientists tend to be a little weird. If you can't get the facts right, take a hike.

  4. lol this is reddit dude. I learned something today. I'll not take any hikes you're offering thank you.

  5. shit it's better be this Mexican food I just ordered or I'm gonna be dead AND pissed off

  6. no choice but to boof the whole bottle at this point

  7. holy shit I saw this earlier but it didn't play and I thought it was a screenshot. it's a video. goddamn. fuck these people do that to your own poor kids

  8. You know what I forgot about this play and I remember saying to myself, “that was a first down wtf!”

  9. That call man.. sheesh. still so upsetting watching the replay. damn those refs

  10. Okay I looked it up. One study says that 9% of a dog's behavior can be attributed to their breed. Meaning that breed does have a detectable effect on behavior, even if it's small. I don't care what any pitbull lover says; pitbulls show more violent behaviors than many other breeds. That doesn't mean every pitbull is a monster, but there's a higher likelihood. So I'm not going to trust pitbulls because there are some good ones. You're just ignoring reality.

  11. lmao cool story bro. your opinion is based on stats online, I've worked with pits, they are harmless unless with shit owners. peace.

  12. Thanks man , glad that people are so polite . Was just asking a bloody question

  13. You should read the room dude. I don't think the person you responded to was saying that we should just blatantly put people who identify as each different gender into office even if they suck, they were basically saying that if we had candidates that are LGBTQIA+ we wouldn't have to deal with bs bills such as the one put forth in the post. I was a bit aggressive in my response tho, sorry.

  14. they'll get rid of social security and Medicare.

  15. we're being too reactionary. we need to be proactive and get these phucks out of our city before someone gets seriously hurt. goddammit.

  16. really want a house? don't use anything online. drive around the neighborhood and find a sign

  17. It's truly terrifying. You are asking for an accident that financially cripples you or worse criminal charges

  18. bruh you could KILL someone and have to live with that the rest of your life. it's never worth it

  19. you cannot go full 10-4 without a good buddy man

  20. None of this shit matters and we all die and are forgotten.

  21. This doesn't make any sense. If turf increases the chance of injury, play on turf more? To further increase the chance of injury? But the longer you play on it, the less chance of injury? Wtf are we even talking about here?

  22. I mean we aren't the only team in the NFL but we're the only team that gets absolutely wrecked by turf? nah we just practice on grass and play on grass all the time so WHEN we play on turf we get wrecked. I don't know anything but I'd personally say we should be practicing on turf more seems like.

  23. hahaha I watched Bob's before Archer so I get the same vibes when watching Archer now haha

  24. oooooh I was like ok I know I'm high but also wtf is that water lol

  25. Minecraft and ark are in no way comparable to this game..

  26. exploring, survival, resource gathering, base building, fighting enemies, I mean they at least SOMEwhat comparable. I have fondly referred to NMS as grown up Minecraft, personally.

  27. I don't know, it was good for me. I didn't finish it, but I definitely needed the advice from the first half or so at a point in my life. the audiobook has a great reader.

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