1. (And going strong for the 6th consecutive year in 2023)

  2. I'd be willing to move to Finland if it was easy and I can survive there lol.

  3. Wait…you asked for a raise TO $15? Or asked for a $15 raise? Because those are two wildly different things. If you asked for a $15 raise you may want to clarify that.

  4. I meant a raise to $15, so like $5 extra. But unfortunately that's still too much so I get why my boss denied it.

  5. Yeah, honestly, this is me, too. Online, anonymously, I complain loudly about being poor. But in real life...I don't talk about it except with my roommates.

  6. Going through this as well. Got an offer from one company but, when asked if there is room for salary negotiations, I was told "it's the best they can offer so either take it or leave it" for a bilingual desk job and they were offering $12/h. It was also a 1.5h/way commute with no options for remote. Immediately withdrew my application.

  7. Not that often but a massage. Sometimes when I'm just really exhausted both mentally and physically I get a real nice refreshing body massage.

  8. Damn. I guess I'd be considered super weird in their eyes because I always go out alone. Like you, I like my own company and doing things on my own terms. I go to restaurants alone. I go to the movies alone. I sometimes even travel alone.

  9. On days that I struggle, just butter on toasted bread is enough for me. Though I'll probably need like 3-4 slices to feel me up for the day.

  10. Yeah I feel it. It got expensive in my area real quick due to covid/the war. I thought I was doing good prior to the pandemic but now I'm forced to make big changes, including quitting the small luxuries (Netflix and other personal entertainment) to make ends meet.

  11. Oooh this triggers me. I remember talking to an affluent friend that said similar things. Eating healthy for him meant eating the best of the brands. Brand foods are better because you never know what's in generic or unknown brands; they may be "adulterated." Eating healthy means also eating the most fresh and most organic things on the shelf. Sure they are expensive but it is the best thing I can do to stay healthy.

  12. Low wages that's not up to inflation prices. The last few months I noticed that my food budget is 50 or 100 dollars more than usual even though I'm buying nearly the same thing. It's getting real ridiculous but I can't expect any promotion unless I get a new job.

  13. Oh gawds I am there with you. If given the option to live life without having to worry about money and other restrictions then I would take it.

  14. That'd be me. I earn barely enough to pay rent and other utilities so I'm pretty much the walking stereotype of "I'm just one accident or medical issue away from being pushed to bankruptcy."

  15. This is me, too. I was doing well before the pandemic but oh boy now I'm at the point where I could be living paycheck to paycheck if the inflation keeps rising. I never thought adulting can be so tough.

  16. I feel the same, too. I feel like I'm always the one reaching out. Making the initial contact. It especially hurt when I reach out to people feeling sick or down. But when I had the stomach flu months ago, no one reached out to me, aside my family.

  17. Same! I love what I do but the pay is just not covering the inflation. I can't get another job so I'll have to really decide if my love for the job is enough to make me stay or the rising costs will force me to find a new one.

  18. I'm not young (in my 30s) but one of the low incomes. Prices have increased a lot around me. I'm spending an extra $30 in groceries per trip now. I try to shop at cheaper places. But with everything else just getting expensive, who knows how long that will last.

  19. Beautiful story. Reading this, I thought of the people who were bullied at my high school. Though I never (and will never) took part it in, I never intervened. Even when I witnessed a scene when the person was clearly being bullied. I was too afraid to step in. I was too afraid to think the bully will turn their attention to me. I pretended to not see what was happening.

  20. This is why I don't watch movies with a certain friend anymore. She constantly talks during the movie. Even if I tell her to wait until the movie ends. Funnily enough, she rarely talks when we watch at a movie theater; though she will occasionally whisper things to me. It's only when we watch movies at home.

  21. Hey there. I feel you. I too want to lose weight. But I'm a stress eater and the more stress I am, the more I eat. Even if I try to be careful what I eat, after a long stressful work day, I end up stopping by a fast food place and order a bunch of food. Then I binge eat all in one sitting.

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